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Senior Software Engineer, Dublin



Dublin, Ireland 

Job Category:

Information Technology, Internet, Technical


€43,000.00 - €70,000.00 per year

EU work permit required:


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Job Description:

PageFair - Senior Developer


About PageFair

PageFair is a fast growing Irish startup company. We were started in 2012 by some of the best known entrepreneurs in the Irish technology scene, and are growing into an international company, with staff from different countries working to solve the problems of major media companies across the US and Europe.

Our goal is to protect the future of the free web from the widespread adoption of adblocking. Adblock browser extensions and apps have been invented because online advertising has become very annoying, however they wipe out basic ads along with the annoying ones. Since online advertising is what makes it possible for publishers to provide their content for free, websites are now facing an uncertain future, and many are laying off their staff. We are here to make sure publishers can stay in business, by providing them with our unique technology to protect their non-annoying ads from getting blocked. If we are successful, then the most important cultural innovation since the printing press –- the free world wide web -- will be saved from ruin.

We currently employ 12 people, but we’re growing in both Dublin and New York. We are venture funded by some of the best investors in Ireland, are working with a long list of famous international websites, newspapers and TV companies, and we’re looking forward to exciting growth over the next few years. Our Dublin office is bright, airy and fun. We are now excited to be hiring a new team to help our customers deploy and get the most out of our software.

We’re looking for someone who loves to code!

The right person for this role is someone who has a deep interest in development , and is keen to keep learning, both to improve their own skills and those of the team.  They can communicate their ideas clearly and are committed to their craft, always striving to do things the right way.


We use the following technologies, so we’re looking for  someone proficient in the following:

  • - Browser-based Javascript

  • - NodeJS

  • - Python or dynamic programming languages such as Ruby

  • - GNU/Linux-based development

  • - Relational databases such as MySQL or PostgreSQL

  • - Configuration management tools such as Saltstack, Chef, Puppet or Ansible

  • - Amazon Web Services (AWS) ecosystem

Knowledge of the following technologies would be a bonus:

  • - NoSQL databases such as Redis, MongoDB or Riak

  • - Messaging systems like RabbitMQ

  • - Web frameworks such as Django or Ruby on rails

  • - Tools for alerting like Nagios

  • - Tools for monitoring like Graphite

  • - Networking protocols

  • - Basic cryptographic concepts

  • - Functional languages such as Haskell, Erlang or Scala

  • - Object-oriented languages such as Java or C#

  • - Systems programming languages such as C, C++ or Rust


In return you can expect:

  • A competitive remuneration package

  • Employee Share option plan

  • Flexible working hours

  • Visa Application and relocation support

  • CPD and continuous learning support

  • A great employee social event calendar


About Us

Company Culture

We are making sure that PageFair is a fun and interesting place to work. The core culture of the company is technology-based, and as a result is efficient, open, mostly calm and rational, sometimes intellectually challenging and often geeky. We experiment with ideas, and when we fail we try again a little bit wiser. We place an emphasis on a few common values that have already emerged and define who we want to be:

  • Be objective. Don’t work randomly. Find a way to measure what you are doing, and figure out if it is getting better or worse, so you can learn faster.

  • Do the right thing. The world of adblocking is a murky one, and the only way for PageFair to gain industry trust is to make sure that we are trustworthy and are “the good guys”.

  • Do it for the customer. Don’t commit your time and the company’s money to anything without knowing why it’s ultimately going to help online publishers.

Who You Will Work With

You will primarily report to Brian McDonnell CTO & co-founder. Other key relationships will be with , Sean Blanchfield (CEO, in charge of strategy) and Neil O’Connor (CTO, in charge of publisher integration). You will work in the same room as everyone else, and will get to know everyone on a personal level. You will also liaise with people in our new office in New York.

The Working Day

Most of the team work from 10am - 6pm . Your desk will be nearby Brian’s and in the same room as the the whole team.

Career Progression

We can offer an opportunity to accelerate your professional experience faster than you could elsewhere. You will be given as many responsibilities as you are willing to take upon yourself, and which you have proven some ability at. Since our company is growing fast, opportunities to expand your experience will never stop, and we will be able to continuously make sure that everyone has a remuneration package that makes PageFair the best place in Dublin for them to work.

Every employee is given a budget for continued professional development. If there’s a relevant event you’d like to attend, or a course you’d like to take, let us know and we’ll help cover the expenses. We want to help all our employees to grow and improve.



Employment Type:

Full time

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Company Info
PageFair Ltd
PageFair LTD
Ranelagh, Ireland
Phone: 12034342447
Web Site: https://pagefair.com/
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