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Team Lead - Software Development, Malta



Malta, Malta 

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· You will be supporting, developing, assisting and engaging with your team.
· You are to give accurate estimates based on reports created by several entities (business analysts, third parties, and other technical employees).
· You are to clarify and elaborate technical specific annotations when needed in order for you team’s work to be more efficient.
· Establish and keep appropriate standards and technical processes, such as production improvement, quality measures, and other customer-oriented standards
· You will be responsible for operating frequent revisions to code and give feedback for the performance-based Key-Performance-Indicators system.


· You have a degree on IT or IT related.
· More than 7 years of development experience in C# & MySQL.
· Fluency in some or the majority of the following technologies: C#, LINQ, MySQL, Redis, HTML5, JavaScript, jQuery, MongoDB, React, SASS.
· Actively searches for knowledge development related and is continuously keeping up with the latest trends.
· You have previous experience in leading or managing teams.
· You are experienced in High Transactional Systems.
· Fluent in English.
· Goal oriented no matter how difficult the task.
· You are proud of your work and have fun doing it.
· You understand mistakes happen and that sometimes it makes us look bad, but that it is the process behind it that makes us better – you learn from mistakes and teach others what you have learnt, and always find ways not to repeat them. This being said, you understand it is your role to make sure this process is happening all the time, everyday.
· You understand that it is your responsibility to encourage the team and that it depends on you to move forward.
· You comprehend that the team is dependant on you to guide them through had times and help them become the best professionals they can be.
· You are considerate about how your work and attitude affects those around you – you care about others and you feel hurt when you hurt someone else.
· You understand that communication is one of your biggest responsibility as a Team Leader and that the lack of it will bring prejudice to the team.
· You are capable of delegating tasks efficiently, understand the strong and weak points of your team, and mitigate accordingly.
· It is in your core as a leader to teach, learn, and help your co-workers.
· You can make strong choices, decisions and actions, which will challenge the status quo, in order to improve your team’ and company’s future.

· We aim to attract and develop the most talented people in our industry.
· We want to provide all the necessary means and procedures to support them in order for them to become better professionals.
· You will be offered a competitive compensation package, accordingly to your professional experience, as well as other additional benefits.
· You will receive a complete training program, during your first weeks and all throughout your time at our company.
· Opportunities to learn and develop in a multicultural team.


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Betting Connections
High Street
Sliema, Malta
Phone: +356 27 204 520
Web Site: www.bettingconnections.com
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