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Sales Specialist, Amsterdam



Amsterdam, Netherlands 

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€120,000.00 - €200,000.00 per year

EU work permit required:


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Job Description:

Habidatum is an international company assisting urban planners, businesses and professional experts in understanding the hyper-dynamic urban environment.

Habidatum is offering a platform for spatio-temporal urban data analytics.

Current approaches to urban data analytics include traditional statistical surveys (expensive, too long to collect, often outdated and thus unreliable), status quo GIS/BI systems reflecting static snapshots with a long data update cycle, or encyclopedic type information dashboards highlighting either current status or statistical trends. The importance of temporal data analytics is severely underestimated. This results in both underused (e.g., open hours are not correlated with people's’ behavioral patterns) and overused infrastructure, and the increased uncertainty of investment.

Habidatum has built Chronotope: a platform which transforms and aggregates semantic, spatial and temporal data into comprehensible, interactive and reliable information.

Our goal is to become a market standard in spatio-temporal data analytics shaping the cities based on Chronotope platform and its data marketplace.

Habidatum revolutionizes the urban planning and risk management markets. When you form the market, there is no baseline, so we are seeking those ready to impact cities and businesses.

Job Summary

Habidatum is looking for a sales specialist distributing the proprietary platform for spatio-temporal data analytics.

We expect an aggressive and energetic sales specialist ready to quickly find and monetize business opportunities.

The compensation is commission-based. You will get up to 50% commission, the exact conditions to be communicated to you at the interview.

This is a temporary 4 months’ opportunity that may lead to a long-term employment at the company upon the completion of the term.

You will be selling software licenses. The clients will be offered the platform being the new market standard for storing, processing and analyzing spatio-temporal unstructured and structured urban data supported by brand new and advanced metrics.

The focus areas will be mid-sized enterprises including (1) real estate developers, (2) property owners and managers, (3) business networks such as banks, hotels, office & coworking spaces, as well as mail & delivery or other consumer services, (4) universities and research centres.

Information about Habidatum can be obtained at www.habidatum.com.

All inquiries and CVs must be sent to sn@habidatum.com. You are encouraged to provide your application with the support materials (compelling success stories, customer references, sales targets accomplishments, etc.).


Job Requirements:

The job will require a university degree and sales competence in the private sector, preferably in one of the key abovementioned industry segments. Your experience in selling software subscriptions will be regarded as a strong plus to the application.

Our preference for the candidate’s location (citizenship and/or working permit) is UK, USA, EU but other options are also considered based on the solid business case presented by the candidate.


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Company Info
Habidatum International, Inc.

New York, New York, United States
Web Site: www.habidatum.com
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