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Vacancy Truck Driver | Heavy transport Belgium / Netherlands, Stara Iwiczna



Stara Iwiczna, Poland 

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€500.00 - per week

EU work permit required:


Job Reference:

Truck Driver

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Job Description:

“SFS Poland” works on international projects in the technical sector and the meat processing industry. We operate in countries such as the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and Poland.
Driving to and from the workplace in the most efficient way with a truck with aerial platform-buildup and assisting onsite under command and assistance of the customer, by performing various (including rigging) activities, even at places that are hard to reach (e.g. high/low, below deck, in tunnel), according to the given instructions and in accordance with the established quality-, safety-, health- and environmental norms, for optimization of customer satisfaction.
 Key tasks and responsibilities
  • performing transports by driving with and placing and stamping of the truck with aerial platform-building.
  • Driving high/low worker and other special equipment such as telescopic loader, forklift; including bringing of personnel (from customers) in the special equipment to inaccessible workplace
  • Perform daily inspection of truck/equipment and minor maintenance tasks.
  • Timely and correctly submission of waybills/order forms.
  • Strive for continuous improvement of own performance and that of the entire own team;
  • Strictly performing the instructions of the crane/transportation coordinator.
  • Ensuring correct and careful method of loading and unloading of the cargo.
  • Inspecting and monitoring the status (maintenance, wear, etc.) of the truck and equipment.
  • Internal and external cleaning of the truck/equipment.
  • Determining the necessary assessment materials for the work to be performed.
  • Performing the start- and stop for assembly or disassembly of equipment, pipes, constructions… by using cranes and or hoists.
  • Take care of the entrusted materials and report defects to the Technical Service/supervisor.
  • Fill the necessary transport documents in a correct, readable and real way and submit it signed by the customer/manager to the Administration.
  • Reporting defects and deficiencies.
  • Cooperate in a constructive manner during loading/unloading and other activities.
  • Contact the manager in case of specialties and/or deviations.
  • Participate in a constructive manner to start- and work discussions, toolbox meetings and other meetings where requested and needed.
  • Make the necessary arrangements with the crane operator with regard to signals and communication.
  • Guide the Driver(s) or Rigger(s) in training and transferring knowledge.
  • Compliance, as well as oversee the observance of laws- and regulations as well as provisions and instructions in the field of safety, quality, health and environment.
  • Identifying risks and/or deviations with regard to safety, quality, environment or health, reporting these risks to the QESH Manager and (having) taken of corrective/preventive measures.
  • Following training and education in this field offered by the employer.
  • Properly use equipment and hazardous materials.
  • Properly use, maintain and store personal protective equipment.
  • Perform all work in accordance with the process descriptions in QESH Management System.
  • Initiate continuous improvement actions for own functioning in consultation with the supervisors and follow these.
  • Initiate and participate in (improvement) projects.
  • Follow trainings and development programs in the context of the function and/or functioning.
  • Perform any other occurring activities that may be reasonably expected and/or needed in the company interest.
  • Complying with the regulations and procedures, instructions applicable in the company.
  • Lower Vocational Education (LTS)/ secondary school. The thinking and working level is more important than the specific direction
  • An industry-related Safety certificate (e.g. VOL/VCA)
  • A relevant (large) driving license – C(E).
  • Other training related to the proper fulfilling of the role and/or the performance
  • Knowledge in the field of (constructing/dismantling) cranes and transport
  • Knowledge of the various assessment materials and techniques
  • Knowledge of load securement
  • Good verbal and written command of the local language and basic English language
  • Some knowledge of current and conventional automation packages
  • Knowledge of Safety, Health, Quality and Environmental policies and procedures
  • Knowledge of relevant laws and regulations
  • Being able to communicate in a clear and accepted way
  • Any experience/knowledge of Forklift, Aerial platform, Telescopic forklift, with respect to other ‘special equipment’
  • Approx. 2 years’ experience as a Driver.
Apply on: http://www.sfspoland.pl/

Employment Type:

Full time
Company Info
"SFS Poland"
05-500 Piaseczno
Stara Iwiczna, Mazowieckie, Poland
Phone: +48 (22) 102-11-60
Web Site: www.sfspoland.pl
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