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Facility and Logistics Manager, Prague 7



Prague 7, Czech Republic 

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Job Description:


The ICT and Logistics Department shall proactively contribute to the fulfillment of the GNSS' Agency mission, particularly regarding all matters related to the management of the premises, the internal administration and to the management of the Information and Communication Systems.

Among other tasks, the ICT and Logistics department shall:

-Support the business needs of the Executive Director and the operational departments from the technical and organizational standpoints:
  •  planning and management of the implementation, operation, development, optimization and maintenance of the Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) infrastructure;
  • coordination of the development, maintenance, optimization and implementation of the internal administrative procedures, support to document management and archival;
  • ensure that the administrative procedures are synchronized with the information systems in order to maximize the benefits of the use of the modern technologies and the overall efficiency and performance of the Agency;
  • develop and operate systems for processing of EU Classified Information (EUCI);
  • ensure IT security management.

- Manage the planning, efficient utilization and maintenance of the GNSS Agency office space including the management of the logistical aspects of the GNSS Agency:
  • provision of office supplies, energy and other commodities necessary for the daily operations of the Agency;
  • availability of adequate office equipment;
  • operation and maintenance of the premises;
  • management of the physical inventory;
  • installation of staff and setup of office equipment;
  • support to the users of the technical and logistical infrastructure of the Agency.
- Manage the logistical aspects of the GSMC and other possible subsidiaries;
- Coordinate and implement the business continuity planning.

Job Requirements:


For applications to be considered valid, candidates must submit an email to jobs@gsa.europa.eu with a subject line of ‘SURNAME_Name_Vacancy Reference Number’ and which contains the Agency’s approved application form (Download it here: http://www.gsa.europa.eu/gsa/job-opportunities).
This form must be:
• Completed in English;
• Fully completed, pointing out the professional experience relevant to this position (incl. calculation of years, months);
• Printed, signed and clearly scanned in (in one single document);
• Named as follows: SURNAME_Name_Vacancy Ref. number (e.g. SPENCER_Marc_GSA.2012.123);
• In Microsoft Word or Adobe Acrobat (pdf) format;
• The application shall be accompanied by a scanned ID card and/or passport, and a copy of a diploma giving access to the grade/function group bearing a date of issue.
The application will be rejected if it is not duly completed, if it is not signed by hand or if it is not provided in the prescribed format.

Further supporting documents showing evidence of the information given in the application will be requested at a later stage.
No documents will be sent back to candidates.
Applications must be sent to “jobs@gsa.europa.eu” and received by the deadline listed on page 01 of this vacancy notice at the latest, clearly indicating the vacancy reference number in the subject line.
Applications sent after the deadline will not be considered.

Candidates are reminded not to wait until the final days before the closing date of applications’ submissions. The Agency cannot be held responsible for any last-minute malfunction due to any overflow of the mailbox.
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European GNSS Agency
Janovskeho 438/2
Prague 7, Czech Republic
Phone: 00420234766692
Web Site:
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