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Villeneuve d'Ascq, France 

Job Category:

Science, Technical, Information Technology, Telecommunication


€35,000.00 - €35,000.00 per year

EU work permit required:


Job Reference:

Post-doc X2Rail-1/WP8 - détection

Job Views:




Job Description:

The Technological Research Institute (IRT) Railenium has for ambition to be amongst the world leaders in research & development, testing and certification in the railway sector. Railenium is at the service of the railway industry to develop collaborative innovation and accelerate the development of new solutions. Railenium relies on the pooling of skills and human, financial and material resources by its 28 members: Infrastructure Managers (SNCF – French National Railways – and Eurotunnel), Railway Companies (equipment / systems manufacturers, engineering companies and manufacturers), research bodies and universities. Its activities cover urban, conventional and high-speed railway transport.
Through the SmartRaCon consortium, composed with the German Research Centre DLR (leader of the consortium), the Spanish Technology Centre CEIT and the British Company NSL, Railenium is an Associate Member on Innovation Programme (IP) 2 (Advanced Traffic Management and Control Systems) of the Joint Undertaking Shift2Rail. SmartRaCon is the only partner coming from academia.
The activities on IP2 started on September 2016, through the X2Rail-1 project, which involves 19 partners from the Railway sector coming from 9 countries (France, Germany, Belgium, Austria, Britain, Sweden, Spain, Italy, and the Czech Republic). The project covers various topics supported by 6 technical workpackages (WP):
  • WP3: Adaptable Communication System
  • WP4: ATO over ETCS
  • WP5: Moving Block
  • WP6: Zero On-Site Testing
  • WP7: Smart Wayside Objects
  • WP8: Cyber Security
Railenium is involved in 3 of the above WPs: WP3, WP6 and WP8.
Work Context
This 13 months position is part of the X2Rail-1 project and will be held by Railenium for a work in IFSTTAR and IEMN-Telice. In this project, WP8 deals with the security aspects applied to the railways networks. Railenium’s contributions concern both low-level attacks (signal) and high-level ones (applications) for the wireless part of the railway communication system. For this position, we will focus on higher level data. Part of the work will be devoted to the development of Threat Detection, Prevention and Response strategies for railway IT and communication systems inside an Open Pluggable Framework (OPF). The OPF is a software framework based on autonomic principles. It monitors the environment, then some algorithms detect abnormal behaviours, and next, OPF decides which reaction to do and finally apply this action (e.g. an alarm or a reconfiguration). The post-doctoral mission is focused on the parameters to monitor and on the detection algorithms.

In the context of the WP8 of X2Rail-1 project, the selected candidate will be in charge of the followings:
  • Selection of the cyber-attacks to analyse (jamming, deauthentication, DIFS, …) and identification of the significant “parameters” to monitor at different levels of the network stack (physical, data link, network, …) according to the cyber-attacks to detect;
  • Development of the physical and software probes;
  • Integration of the probes into the Open Pluggable Framework;
  • Participation in various coordination meetings;
  • Possible participation to project meetings with all European partners;
  • Contribution to the achievement of deliverables and scientific publications.
Detailed missions
In a previous European project, called SECRET (SECurity of Railways against Electromagnetic aTtacks), different methods and algorithms were tested to monitor the communication physical layers and to detect EM attacks aiming to corrupt communication links.
In X2Rail-1, we would like to develop more generic detection solutions able to detect different types of cyber-attacks targeting different levels of the network stack. The first objective is then to follow the works performed in the SECRET project by implementing the detection algorithms on SDR cards in order to propose physical probes monitoring the physical layer (using GNU radio SDR). The second objective is to develop software probes to monitor activities (throughput, RSSI,…) on the other levels of the network stack for different network protocols. The output of these probes will be injected into the OPF which constitutes the monitoring architecture.
The steps of the work will be:
  • Identification of the “parameters” to monitor according to the different cyber-attacks to detect (jamming, deauthentication, DIFS, …) in using previous works already performed by the team;
  • Definition of the detection attributes at different level of the network stack (physical, data link, network, …);
  • Implementation of the detection algorithms based on the defined attributes;
  • Optimisation of the attack detection by simultaneously monitoring different network layers and eventually using fusion of attributes (this part of the work will be performed in collaboration with a second post-doctoral position);
  • Integration of the probes into the Open Pluggable Framework.


Job Requirements:


PhD in signal processing or networking
Skills in software defined radio and wireless network protocols
Software engineering (C, Python) and/or Network tools (wireshark, libpcap, …)
Fluent in English

Sense of initiative
Autonomy / teamwork
Excellent relationship
Creativity, rigor, organization
Self-training capacity
Synthesis, reactivity
Availability (travel required)
Writing skills

Employment Type:

Full time
Company Info
Technopôle Transalley 180, rue Joseph-Louis Lagrange 59308 Valenciennes
Famars, Nord-Pas-de-Calais, France
Web Site: www.railenium.eu
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