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Internship “Telecommunications/Electrical Engineering", Bonn



Bonn, Germany 

Job Category:

Engineering, Procurement, Telecommunication

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Job Description:

BUYIN, the procurement joint venture between Deutsche Telekom and Orange, is Europe’s largest procurement organization in the ICT industry, two operative companies based in Bonn and Paris with a Holding company in Brussels. The new driving force for the bundling of procurement activities in the area of Customer Equipment, Network Equipment and Service Platforms, BUYIN is in the ideal position to better influence new industry  standards and counteract aggressive challengers. The company will offer long term advantages in terms of competitive offerings and branding, while also delighting customers and their communities. Benefiting both customers and suppliers in ICT, BUYIN is an innovation driver which is developing technologies to meet our customers’ every need – today and in the
Procurement Engineering
The Procurement Engineering (PE) department covers the areas of Network Equipment, Service Platform, IT and Customer Equipment. It is working closely in a cross-functional way with Procurement, Technology and the affiliates of DT and Orange. Systematic involvement of suppliers to optimize CAPEX and OPEX positions for network solutions and network roll-outs is one of the key tasks next to
cost engineering and benchmarking. PE is consulting projects to increase value for money while eliminating redundancies, reducing complexity and to define target costs.
The Procurement Engineering (PE) Customer Equipment team focuses on devices such as:Mobile handsets & tablets, mobile broadband terminals,xDSL-Homegateways  and  Routers,  STB  and multimedia  home  entertainment  boxes  and  home network equipment. PE  is  driving  projects  to  increase  value  for  money  while eliminating  redundancies,  reducing  complexity  and
define target-costs.
Main levers are
1.  Cost Analysis of BOM (Bill of Material)
2.  Benchmark & Best Practice
3.  Early involvement in product development
4.  Technology trends and roadmaps
The  Procurement  Engineering  department  [Customer  Equipment  team]  is  looking  for  a  student  to  fill an ambitious, attractively remunerated internship position (6 month, full time).

Internship / Job description “Electrical Engineering”
You  will  be  trained  to  work  on  tier-down  analysis  (BOM  (Bill  of Material)  cost  analysis),  determination  and  researching  component costs,  benchmark  of  supplier  technical  design  and  assist  the  team finding measures to cut costs in different areas.
Your output will be linked to the following activities:
  Cost-Modeling of future products under development
  Optimization of the target cost
  Development, organization and management of
component cost trackers
  Technology trends and evolutions related to cost-per-feature

Job Requirements:

You  are  studying  electrical  engineering  or  a  comparable  major  with  a  link  to  electronics,  including economical  engineering  and  others.  You  have  either  a  professional  training  in  an  electronics  related  job
or  accomplished  the  basic  studies  (Grundstudium,  Bachelor)  and  finished  a  basic  internship(Grundpraktikum).
Your  study  got  you  a  detailed  knowledge  on  telecommunication  networks  and  mechanics  of  the services behind. Moreover,  you have a  personal  interest in
fixed  and  mobile  telecommunication  consumer products and hands-on electronics experience.You  keep  yourself  up  to  date  with  web  feeds  on  latest gadgets  and  you  are  proficient  in  IT  and  Home-Networks environments.  You  have  collected  hardware  experience  in several  electronic  projects  yourself  and  you  can  identify
common  components,  understand  their  electrical parameters and group them into functionalities. You  have  personally  collected  experience  on  smartphones/tablets  and/or  extended  knowledge  on  configuring your IT setup (such as advanced router settings, solving network issues, streaming etc.)
Working  language  will  be  English  and  German,  being  able  to  communicate  in  French  or  Chinese  is  a plus.
You  are  able  to  work  independently  and  adapt  quickly  to  new  and  challenging  tasks.  Your  results  show a  methodic  and  systematic  approach  and  you  are  both  confident  to  research  information  and  to  present them to the team.
Send your extended CV (PDF) and a description of your status as student to frank.schimansky@buyin.pro

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Company Info
Martin Luther Allee 42
Bonn, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany
Phone: +4915151145889
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