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Head of Assessments, Hong Kong



Hong Kong, Hong Kong 

Job Category:

Engineering, Information Technology, Recruitment/HR, Technical


$40,000.00 - $60,000.00 per month

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Job Description:

About Us

We are a highly motivated group of engineers and recruiters, whose mission is to disrupt the traditional recruitment industry through the use of technology. Our vision is to use machine learning to match candidates to their dream jobs, based on their passion, skills, and motivation.

Our first step to achieve this vision is to assess candidate technical coding skills and award skill level badges. Based on skill level badges, assessed candidates will be matched to roles with our partner companies, effectively allowing candidates access to dozens of roles though a single assessment. While giving both candidates and companies a stellar experience, we will collect actionable data in pursuit of our vision to use ML to match candidates to jobs at scale.

While we are already conducting assessments and placing assessed candidates with a high success rate, we will need you to lead the assessment arm of the company and raise it to being best-in-class.

In this role, you will have an opportunity to:

  1. Create engaging challenges for job candidates with the help of our in-house engineers.
  2. Own the assessment product and play a pivotal role in its evolution. The technical assessment product is one of our unique propositions on the market.
  3. Build an AI-assisted candidate screening process that will accurately assess a candidate’s skills.

Focus Areas

  1. Develop technical assessments to assess candidate skills. These tests should be:

    • Engaging and fun for the candidates
    • Easy to grade, ideally automated
    • A world-class barometer of candidate skill
    • Scalable and able to be self-administered by candidates

    In addition, you will also aim to make these assessments dynamically adapted to the candidates’ skill level.

    They can take the form of quizzes (~ 30 minutes) or take home projects (4-8 hours).

  2. Assessment grading

    • Creating processes and systems to help standardize grading (multiple graders grading the same test should have same or similar results)
    • Developing methods to enable grading at scale
    • Creating templates for reporting skills to candidates and companies
  3. Mentor a team of Assessment Scientists

  4. Review and test questions in order to develop the world’s best technical assessments

Job Requirements:

We have created this role based on our unique business model and requirements. While we encourage anyone who believes they can excel at the focus areas to apply, the below are what we expect from the ideal candidate:

  1. A polyglot, with hiring experience. Someone who understands a wide gamut of roles, what their requirements are, and how those requirements can be assessed.
  2. Capable of not only working independently but having the vision and skill to manage ambiguity while developing and scaling our assessment arm.
  3. Strong CS fundamentals, with great depth in understanding of algorithms and data structures.
  4. Experience working with product managers to design user-centric experiences.
  5. Experience creating user-flows that are understandable and cohesive.
  6. Curious by nature, and always keeping abreast of the latest in technology.
  7. Good communication and writing skills.

Employment Type:

Full time
Company Info
Terminal 1 Limited
7/F, 33 Lockhart Road, Wan Chai, Hong Kong
Hong Kong, Hong Kong
Phone: 58084668
Web Site: www.tty1.co
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