How NOT to apply for a job in Europe

How do you apply for a job in Europe?

When you want to find a job in Europe, you need to follow some standard rules of behaviour.

The main thing is that you need to convince a potential employer of your suitability for the job. This will entail your education, experience in previous jobs, your personality and whether you can be relied on.

You start by checking if the requirements described in the advert are covered by your experience. If not, don’t apply. Employers have to wade through piles of totally irrelevant applications in order to find the right candidate. If they are looking for an Microsoft .Net engineer, don’t apply if you’re a gardener. There is an obvious gap in your experience and you won’t be able to do the job.

Employers in Europe can only hire people who posses the correct paperwork. If they don’t, they will get fined heavily. So make sure you have your paper work in order. Check our other blog posts to see what is required.

Don’t pester employers. If you keep on ringing begging for a job, you make sure they will NOT hire you as they will be put off by your insistent calling. Do not expect employers to call you back just because you want to speak to them. They have no reason to speak to you when you call them out of the blue. If you were an employer, would you be tempted to call back someone who does not leave their name, contact details or email address? Or obviously won’t have the right experience?

Listen to this message: Desperate caller

This call is violating several European standards of behaviour. He does not leave his name. He does not mention which job he is applying for. He does not even mention his experience or if he is allowed to work in Europe and the fact that he rung several times on a Sunday indicates that he has no idea what is expected in Europe. The chances that he will be rung back and eventually might secure a job are zero.

Do your home work. Make sure you fit the requirements perfectly. Don’t give an employer a reason not to speak to you. It’s a simple sales process. You are the “goods” that are for sale. Make it attractive to the potential buyer (the employer).

You wouldn’t want to buy something that doesn’t fit your own needs or that annoys you, would you?

So, put yourself in the position of the employer and ask yourself: “Why would I want to hire me?”



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