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21 August 2012: Chinese scammer again.

A Chinese scammer/spammer is sending out loads of spam messages asking people to reply to Please note that has nothing to do with this. The clue is in the ‘in’ bit in the name:….. The domain was registered only a few days ago. Please do an IP trace on the email header to find out with which ISP you can lodge a complaint. Alternatively try to complain to the registrar of the domain name.

Registration Service Provided By:
Whois Server:
Domain name:
Registrant Contact:
James D. McDonald
James McDonald
727-257-8684 fax: 727-257-8114
2229 Badger Pond Lane
Clearwater FL 34620
Administrative Contact:
James McDonald
727-257-8684 fax: 727-257-8114
2229 Badger Pond Lane
Clearwater FL 34620
Technical Contact:
James McDonald
727-257-8684 fax: 727-257-8114
2229 Badger Pond Lane
Clearwater FL 34620
Billing Contact:
James McDonald
727-257-8684 fax: 727-257-8114
2229 Badger Pond Lane
Clearwater FL 34620
Created: 2012-08-19
Expires: 2013-08-19

02 August 2012: Phishing alert

Please be aware that this email below does NOT come from We generally do not send out email and we do NOT need to update our mail server. This is a phishing attempt where they try to get hold of your login details.

We are investigating this and will take legal action to stop this.

Do NOT click on the update link/button as this leads to a fake login page with the aim to obtain your login details. If you think your account details have been compromised use the reset password link on our site to create a new password.

The phishing message looks like this:


February 2012:

We’re getting reports again that people are being inundated with spam (Read our most recent post), allegedly coming from us.  However, the spammer uses ‘‘, ‘‘, ‘‘ or ‘‘ or other email addresses that are similar to our email addresses.

These spam messages have nothing to do with only sends out a confirmation message after someone has registered on the site and that’s all the email you would generally get from us.

However, there are apparently Chinese spammers who abuses our domain name and send out messages that claim to come from us by using one of our email addresses as the return address.

You can check who the real sender is by opening the extended header of the email message and then use that IP address to perform an IP address check. This will generally reveal the ISP the spammer uses. The ISP should address the problem caused by the spammer through banning him from sending email through the ISP. Please complain with the ISP as this is the only way to permanently remove this nuisance.

In order to stop these messages you could also:

1. Ask your email provider to implement SPF (Sender Policy Framework) in order to distinguish between fake and real email messages. Once this is in place a mail server can see if messages actually come from the sender or whether it is spam.
This will stop the flow of spam messages immediately. is SPF compliant.

2. Create a filter in your email program for the body text they used, but don’t use the “Send From” field as this generally is spoofed. Alternatively use free programs such as Mailwasher to filter spam.

3. If you use Thunderbird or Outlook, download the Thunderbird SPF extention or a filter such as SpamFighter to verify if the sender of the email are who they claim they are.

4. If you are using BT/Yahoo or Ymail do the following:

Send an an email to and copy the long (extended) header of your email into this message. This contains information as to where the email originated. You will probably get a nondescript, automated reply from BT stating that you should ban the domain. Don’t ban the domain as this means you will be banning another victim of this type of scam and you will still be blasted by spam.

(BT will only realise what they are advising when a address gets spoofed in a spam message and they tell you to ban Pretty stupid advice!)

What BT/Yahoo really should do is implement the Sender Policy Framework (SPF) properly, so the amount of spam reaching your inbox reduces dramatically. SPF checks if the email comes from the authenticated IP address linked to the domain. If not, the email is spam and should be binned automatically.

If BT fobs you off, send them another email demanding they implement SPF automatically rather than leaving it up to you to activate it.

BT/Yahoo SpamGuard (For what it’s worth)

Keep SpamGuard turned on. To check if it’s on:

  1. Click Options in the upper-right corner of your Mail page.
  2. Click Spam from the list on the left.
  3. In the “SpamGuard’ section, next to ‘Control SpamGuard,’ do you see a check in the box beside ‘Automatically send suspected spam to my Spam folder?’ If so, great! SpamGuard is ON. If not, turn it on by placing a check in that box.
  4. In the area above your spam options, click Save Changes.

Also in the ‘SpamGuard’ section, you can specify how often you’d like Yahoo to empty your Spam folder (They do it automatically once a month, but you have options to empty it faster), and you can indicate your preference for showing or blocking images. Image blocking is another effective way to fend off spam!

How can you report spam on Yahoo?

Easy! Don’t open a spam message. Just click inside the check-box next to it, then click Spam to let Yahoo know it’s something you’d rather not ever see again. Yahoo pays a lot of attention to spam you report to them. It gives them tools to disrupt the latest tricks and techniques that spammer individuals and spammer companies are using to try to evade the Yahoo filters.

Reports of spam originating from a Yahoo! Mail account (i.e., receive their special attention. Since spamming is expressly prohibited in Yahoo!’s Terms of Use, any account caught spamming will be canceled.

If you change your mind or think you made a mistake, just look for the next message from that sender in your Bulk folder and click Not Spam to reverse your vote.

Report spam on other sites:

You can report spammers on


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