Globotec scam (Logwin Logistics rip off)

The scams seem to be never ending!

There are a few things that give away a job offer is scam. In this case a ‘company’ called ‘Globotec’ tries to lure people into thinking that they could manage a logistics company. The reality is that this is most likely a scam whereby they will send money to your bank account and you then have to pay or forward the money to another account. This account will also be owned by the scammers.

This is a typical money laundering scam and you could end up in jail for participating, knowingly or not.

The scam identifiers are:

1) The recruiter claiming to offer the position is using a “hotmail” account and not a company specific account you can check through “whois” services.
2) The website of the “company” is not mentioned in the email. When you check online there is no company website.
3) The email arrived out of the blue and you did not apply for the position. The requirements don’t match your experience (at all) and a proper recruiter would not offer a serious position to just anybody.
4) There is no contact number on the email.
5) Their command of English is not very good. There are spelling and grammatical mistakes.
5) When you check out Globotec Co, you won’t find it. It doesn’t exist. You’ll find all sorts of companies, but not the one offering you a job.
6) When you do a search on “Daria Randel” you won’t find anyone. A serious recruiter will have left all sorts of traces on the internet.
7) And as always: If the offer sounds too good to be true, it probably is too good to be true.

The offending email goes as follows:

Good morning,

I am the head of the staff department in the Globotec. Our company has found
your CV at web-site
We decided that you’re the proper person for the vacancy we’ve offered.

Vacancy:  “regional logistics manager”

We offer you:
* Promotion track
* Possibility of choosing option of either fulltime or part time
* Paid workshops
* Salary – 2000-3000 euro per month + option money

Applicant Requirements:
* Older than 21
* Written English
* Residence in Netherlands
* PC user
* Communicability. Readiness to negotiate over the phone and face to face
* Ability to form and pay provider orders

We respect responsibility, industriousness, initiative, aspirations for
education and self-delepoment. If you are interested in our job offer  contact

Sincerely yours,
The head of the personnel department Globotec,
Daria Randel
Globotec Co.

We posted another scam example some time ago.


2 comments on “Globotec scam (Logwin Logistics rip off)

  1. Remivm on said:

    They are improving the scam. Now there’s a website “” to make make it look better, but I’ve seen some mistakes and I have found that is a copy of this site “”.nnGlobotec es una estafa

    • Yes, I nearly fell for it as it looked very professional. When you check the domain name you’ll see it has been registered through a Russian registrar. Fat chance complaining to them. Russian ISPs ignore complaints from the west…… 🙁

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