European Labour Department number

Scams, scams, scams! They’re everywhere.

We were asked whether was a legitimate business or not.

Had a look into it and it appears to be the classical scam. Their site is under construction. Bit of a give away that! They seem to be preying on unaware people. By the looks of things, they’re trying to convince people to cough up money for non-existing permits, most notably the European Labour Department Number.

Hmmm, I’ve never heard of that department, let alone a number you need. Work permits are handled by the government of the country you want to work in. And none of them use this non-existing number. The process of obtaining a work permit is notoriously difficult and slow, but you won’t need an agent to get it for you. For more details see the previous post on work permits we posted today.

There seem to be a number of mentions of this scam on various complaints websites:

Complaints Board

They seem to be very good in posting misleading comments on various websites and blogs. Raymond and Brenda seem to have attended the same English classes……. 🙂


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