How to get a EU work permit

How do you get a work permit in the EU?

We often get asked by non-Europeans how they can go about getting a European work permit.

The short answer is that this is almost impossible. The long answer is a little more convoluted.

Under EU guidelines a company can hire someone from outside the EU if they can prove that there is no one in Europe to fill the job. The company will have to advertise the vacancy in Europe and use other channels to attract someone to the job.

If they do manage to find someone the company will then have to apply for a work permit through their local government department, which is a long winded procedure and can take months. Most companies won’t want to waste time doing this, so they settle for someone else who could potentially do the job.

Given the huge unrest and unemployment levels in Europe at the moment, the chance that a company will not be able to find someone within the EU is very small. There are too many people out of work…. So, only world class specialists in their given field of work might still be able to apply and get a work permit.

Countries such as the United Kingdom, who under the previous Labour government, opened the floodgates to uneducated or partially educated workers, have now basically shut their borders to new entrants. They now use a points based system so that they can attract only highly educated workers. To see if you qualify go to the UK border agency website. Other EU countries now follow a similar approach.


Criminals are using this situation to scam unaware people. They will tell you that they will be able to obtain a work permit if you pay them a fee. This is simply a money making scam. Don’t fall for it. Most ‘work permit’ consultants a scam consultants who’s only aim is to prop up their own bank balance.

Other criminals will offer to smuggle you into Europe. That might get you into Europe, but you won’t be able to work legally. Employers face huge penalties if they employ illegal labour, so they won’t. The only way you could earn something would be to work in illegal ‘companies’ doing drugs, people trafficking, prostitution, etc. And guess who ‘run’ these companies? Exactly…..! the people who offer to smuggle you into Europe.

They know they have you over a barrel once they manage to get you into Europe. The only way to pay off the fee you had to pay to get smuggled into Europe is to work for those gangsters. And they don’t pay well, so expect to work for them a very long time in the most dire circumstances. That is if the government won’t find you and put you in jail and then on a plane back home. And when you get back home you will still have to pay off the loan you took out with those criminals in order to get you into Europe. Not a wise move! (Also read this article in the UK newspaper The Guardian)

So, the moral of all this is that if you don’t qualify, educate yourself so you might eventually qualify, or if that fails, pursue a career in the country you currently live.

It is a harsh truth……


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