What to do about a job scam

Scammers use social engineering techniques to win people’s trust. They send out millions of scam email messages, pretending they have found your CV on a well known website, by pretending one of your friends recommended you or by using other information known to you to create an aura of trust.

There are a number of things you can do to bust their bubble.

1. Make sure your ISP has implemented SPF. We have written about this before.

2. Check the domain name they use.
– Do a whois check on a domain registration site. If the domain has been registered in a remote location compared to where they claim to be based, be very careful. Be especially careful when the ISP is based in Russia, China. the Netherlands, Nigeria or the USA. These countries are notorious for harbouring scammers. If you’re sure they’re a scammer, complain to the ISP.

3. Check the email address.
– The return email address should be linked to a reputable company. If they use gmail, ymail, rediffmail, hotmail or another free email provider, be very careful.
– Double check the domain name in the email address. They often use slightly different addresses from the address you’re familiar with. (E.g. instead of eurojobs, they use europjobs, eurojobbs, eurojobs-nl, etc.) If the domain name in the email address is different check if it is genuine.
– You could do a reverse email check to see where the email came from and complain to the ISP so they will be removed from their servers. You will have to email them the raw header of the offending email.

4. Email us the raw code of the email header so we can complain on your behalf.

5. Mark them as spam in your email program in order to bin their messages when they come in.


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