Proposed foreigner bashing in Holland might cause brain drain and economic damage

The PVV, the xenophobic Dutch Nationalist party has in effect proposed a law in the Netherlands that will force immigrants to choose between the nationality of the country they (or their parents) were born in and their (second) Dutch nationality. This proposal is a result from the agreement struck by the CDA, VVD and PVV parties when the CDA and VVD formed the current government. The government needs the support of the PVV to stay in government and therefore can not refuse such PVV requests.

The PVV profiles itself as the party that puts the ‘interests’ of native Dutch first and is strongly anti-Muslim. The PVV proposed this law mainly for electoral reasons, as foreigner (read: Moroccan and Turkish immigrants) bashing gives them extra votes in the polls. The fact that they completely trample the interests of ‘native’ Dutch living abroad is of no concern of these ‘defenders’ of the Dutch identity.

The Dutch government seems to have completely forgotten what the Netherlands once stood for. The country has been a safe haven for immigrants for centuries, but this now seems to be thrown overboard just to win a few votes. Sad indictment of the current crop of political leaders.

The justification for this law is based on a devious lie. When it was proposed it referred to a memorandum attached to the ‘Treaty regarding limiting multiple nationalities’ from 1963, which acknowledges the desire to limit multiple nationalities. However, this treaty was superseded in 1995 by a general Nationality treaty from the European Council  which is deliberately opaque about multiple nationalities. The Netherlands are turning the clock fifty years back where other countries accept and encourage this.

The PVV however did not realise the impact on the Dutch Diaspora. As the law can not single out specific groups in society, Dutch who are living abroad fall under this as well. These expatriates are often entitled to obtain the nationality of the country they live in through marriage, birth or otherwise (Just like the Moroccans and Turks in Holland). Thanks to this proposed law they will also have to choose which nationality they want to keep.

The Dutch diaspora, which contains many business people, university professors and even a former Prime Minister (Ruud Lubbers) has responded angrily to this initiative. It threatens to become a major brain and financial drain for the country. They have formed a pressure group (Nederlander Blijven) which is trying to stop the law. The pressure group is supported by top business leaders from companies such as Shell, Philips, RABO bank, ABN AMRO, Reed-Elsevier and Organon.

It also seems to go against the pro-European attitude in the Netherlands.  The fact that it doesn’t really seem to matter anymore what passport you carry in Europe seems to have eluded Mr Wilders & Co. They are an echo from a not too distant era in European history where foreigner bashing eventually led to the killing of millions innocent people.

Do the Dutch really want that all over again?

So, if you’re Dutch sign the petition at and help stop this idiocy.


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