Make your CV sell you

Research indicates that an interviewer determines the suitability of a candidate for a job within 30 seconds of reviewing a CV. So, the most important tool candidates have to “sell” themselves into a new job is their own CV. It should give a clear and chronological overview of your career to date. If your CV is not “selling” you, the chance that you will get the job is minimal.

So how do you go about it? An insider’s tip is to sell what the company is looking for back to the company. If they are looking for a technical engineer, make sure that your experience as a technical engineer is highlighted.  Read through the advert and if your experience matches what is required, make sure that you mention it. And don’t mention it as an after thought, put it straight in at the front.

In order to convince the company give examples of your experience with a similar company, in a similar role, with similar technology, etc. Companies are looking for people how can solve their problems. They are not really looking for people they need to train first. (Unless they mention this specifically.)

The things you’ve done in the previous 3 years are the most interesting to a company as it’s the most relevant. Make sure that you have done what they are asking for within those 3 years.

When you have been invited to an interview, you will need to prepare for this in a similar way. Research the company history, their recent projects and goals, then sell your skills back based on what the interviewer is asking. Give competency based answers that are relevant to the company.

You might think that the current state of the economy makes it more difficult to get a job, but this is not the case. Demographics and the need for experienced candidates coupled with the fact that companies have slimmed down in the recession means that  many are really ‘skeleton’ companies which are often in dire need of experienced people with the right skills.

So, match what is required to your experience and emphasize this to the company. Do it this way, put in a little effort and you will find that it is not that difficult to get that desired new job.


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