Freelance Writing Jobs for Freelancers Who Want to See the World

Pursuing travel journalism as a profession can be quite lucrative once you know how and where to find the most rewarding travel writing jobs. Just like any other kind of journalism, travel writing calls for persistence, dedication, and above all hard work. Before you can get started searching for opportunities, ensure you make time to educate yourself a good deal more about how to get started in travel writing.

In recent years, travel journalism has experienced rapid growth as a result of the booming worldwide travel sector, and the growth of destination media online as well as old-fashioned media outlets. Thanks to this growth of travel media, you can now market your writing in your area as well as international markets like websites and blogs.

Travel Writing Career Paths:

Guidebook Writing
Becoming a guidebook writer for a company like Lonely Planet, Rough Guides, or Moon, is regarded as being one of the more profitable jobs for a travel writer. However, guide book writing is usually in form of a longer term assignment that could even require a year or so to complete. It sometimes involves extensive journeyling and thorough description of the visited locations. For example, Tom Brosnahan, a renowned guide book author for Lonely Planet and Insight has written more than 30 guidebooks. In his estimation, a writer will typically earn $30,000 for writing a guidebook.

Travel Columnist
Being a travel journalist for your local newspaper may be a good way to secure stable work as a travel author. What you must do is to determine the objective column where publish travel-related content. Once you determine the particular column you must communicate your interest by getting in contact with the editor in charge. You should be able to either get in touch with the editor by way of a phone call or send the editor a short, query letter with a sample of your writing. This prevents your content from being ignored as unsolicited.

Writing for Travel Websites
There are countless tourism websites which outsource stories to travel journalists. You may have to subscribe to some before you decide to submit your piece. In addition to that, it is essential to read their editorial recommendations before you can post your work. Furthermore, you must browse their prior publications so as not to replicate content and also to acquaint yourself with their style.

Best Places to Find Travel Writing Jobs
How to find jobs for travel writers?

  • – This outstanding site posts suggestions for breaking into travel writing, in addition to details of travel journalism opportunities from internet and print media.
  • – The Matador Network posts articles from global contributors. When you sign up and accept the submission guidelines it is possible to submit first-person experiences, interviews, narratives and pictorial content and get paid shortly after the release of your content.
  • Craigslist or – If all else fails, there is still the old fashioned way. Journalist jobs are often published on traditional career websites including Craigslist or This might be the best site to look if you’re interested in staff assignments such as travel columnist or magazine editor, instead of freelance work.
  • – Write to Travel regularly features brand-new options for both inexperienced and seasoned travel writers. For instance, the latest post detailed an exciting new opportunity to get paid writing for the website

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