IT developers needed in Iceland

Ever wanted to work in an amazing place?

Iceland might be your place to go. The country has a laid back, friendly culture and nature is simply stunning with hot water lakes, volcanos, glaciers and more unusual natural features.

The country’s IT industry is in dire need of more IT developers as the industry is growing, but the number of locals studying the subject is not. The salaries on offer are being pushed up as a result.

How easy is it to get a work permit in Iceland?

If you are a Scandinavian citizen, it’s easy.

If you move to Iceland from any of the Scandinavian countries and hold either an Icelandic, Danish, Finnish, Norwegian or Swedish passport, you must have a change of residence attest (Internordisk flytteattest). You won’t need this if you are staying in Scandinavia for less than 6 months (3 months for Denmark), but you must register if you want to seek employment. You can register this at:

The National Register, Borgartúni 24, 150 Reykjavík

Scandinavians do not need a residence or work permit in other Scandinavian countries. You get your Icelandic ID-number through The National Register when you arrive in Iceland. You get the same kind of tax-card as Icelandic citizens. You’ll receive it in the mail on the new address you mention in your trans-Scandinavian attest.

EU & EEA residents

If you are an EU or EEA resident, you can stay and work in Iceland for up to three months, six if you are looking for employment without the need for a permit. If you stay longer, you must have a residence permit. You can apply for a permit after you arrive in Iceland. You don’t need to apply if you are an EU/EEA resident returning to your home country every week or so.

Citizens of Estonia, Lettland, Lithaen, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia, the Czech Republic or Hungary who are looking for a job in Iceland can get a job without a permit, but the employer must register you with the Directorate of Labour. EU/EEA-residents must submit their address to the National Register.

The employer must apply for an ID-number on behalf of EEA-residents, please note that the delay to get one may be up to 4 weeks.

If you do not have a residence permit, you must apply for a tax-card. When a residence permit is granted, the National Register is notified and you are registered just like Icelandic residents.


If you are not a EU/EEA resident, you can not work in Iceland without a residence and a work permit. You must apply for the job and get your work permit before you arrive in Iceland. If you are in Iceland and want to apply for a job, you must leave the country while the authorization is pending.

There are, however, two exceptions:

– if you are married to an Icelandic citizen or to a foreigner permitted to work in Iceland, and have reached the age of 24.

– if one of your parents is an Icelandic citizen or a foreigner permitted to stay in Iceland, and have reached the age of 18.


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