Xenophobia on the rise in Europe

Xenophobia is defined as “an unreasonable fear of foreigners or strangers, or of that which is foreign or strange.” and is on the rise in Europe.

There are various European nations were far right, xenophobic politicians are feeding a frenzy against foreigners. The Dutch have Geert Wilders, who’s PVV party prop up the current minority government, and who has created an anti-immigration website which contains negative information about citizens of Eastern and Central European countries who are working in the Netherlands. The site boasts slogans such as ‘Do you have a problem with people from Central and Eastern Europe?” and “Have you lost your job because of a Pole, a Bulgarian, a Romanian? We want to know.” It also shows newspaper headlines reporting how Eastern Europeans commit more and more crime.

Wilders has acquired nicknames such as “Mozart” and “Captain Peroxide” because of his flamboyant platinum blond, dyed hairstyle. It appears he wants to look like an Nazi Arian.  He is married to the East European Krisztina Wilders, a former Hungarian diplomat. I just wonder who’s job she has taken and what Wilders has done about that? Hypocrisy comes to mind.

Talking of Hungary, they have the Jobbik party, an extreme right wing bunch who denounce democracy and who have won 17% of the vote. Gábor Vona, their leader, regularly spouts anti-Semitic, anti-Gypsy, chauvinistic and homophobic slogans.

In France there is the National Front run by the Le Pen dynasty. Father and daughter have forced Sarkozy to start muttering populist electoral crowd pullers such as ‘We’ll pull out of Schengen’ and “France is overrun by foreigners”. However, this seems a typical Sarkozy move. He tends to talk more than actually do things. He just wants to keep his cushy job no doubt.

Austria also has a long history of extreme right wing parties. Nazi sympathiser Jörg Haider has made waves with his Freedom party since 1986. They came second in the 1999 general elections on an anti-immigration and anti-EU ticket, winning 27% of the vote and 52 seats in parliament and the extreme right currently hold six posts in the current Austrian government.

In Italy, the xenophobic Northern League promotes policies such as authorising coastguards to shoot human traffickers and the belief that the EU is run by paedophiles. They have formed an integral part of Silvio Berlusconi’s grip on power over the last 10 years. They are the biggest party in many Northern Italian areas pulling in up to a third of the vote.

These and other xenophobic parties in Europe have been able to rise to power thanks to a lack of understanding in Brussels of what is going on in Europe. Brussels still ride their high horses without really understanding what the European populace wants or needs. They are still an undemocratic, unelected bunch of people who decide how the rest of Europe has to benefit (read: suffer) from their grand ideas. No wonder then that people resort to extreme parties as the current crop of politicians seem unable to restore trust in the political system.

Europe is rapidly becoming a place where you better not be a “foreigner”. Sad… And the EU want us to work in other than our own countries….


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