HMV Jobs: What Working at HMV Is Like

People with a passion for music, movies, games and technology will find a good place to work if they pursue one of the many HMV Jobs available. HMV vacancies are available in-store, at the head office and in HMV warehouses. HMV recognizes that it is only as successful as its employees and the corporate culture represents that sentiment. Additionally, HMV continually contributes to charities through active involvement in fundraising activities.Within the company walls, the company makes an effort to be eco-friendly by reducing waste. .

At the head office, one can choose from a wide variety of HMV jobs. Within the head office, open positions are often available in marketing, maintenance, finance, HR, commercial, operations and IT. If none of the current vacancies are quite the right fit, then an internship is another possibility. HMV Warehouses and HMV stores also offer jobs.

HMV stores and warehouses are located throughout the UK and Ireland. The various head office placements include the Royal House in Solihull, the Princess House in London and the Windsor house in Marlow. The company has 259 retail locations including 250 HMV stores and 9 Fopp stores throughout the UK and Ireland. The three warehouses or fulfilment centres are another place where one can find HMV Jobs. They are in Canning Town in London, in Guernsey, and in Merlin Park in Birmingham. Regardless of the department or location, HMV Jobs come with considerable support and training.

HMV has many programmes available to help employees meet career goals. Learning is greatly emphasized as an important value for HMV and its employees. On-the-job training is not neglected; even at the start of an employee’s time at HMV. The company offers a one-of-a-kind induction programme. Nipperpedia is an in-house system that aids with career development and moving up the ranks. In addition, training is emphasized when a person joins the company and expectations for each role are clearly outlined. Performance reviews are a regular occurrence in an effort to ensure employees are prepared and have the opportunity for regular improvement in their positions. Another way in which employees are supported is through fast track programmes at four different levels. Senior management also benefits from development programmes.

HMV Jobs are a good way to begin developing skills toward a career path sicne they offer fast-track programmes and other types of in-house training. Having a strong affinity for and love of music, movies and tenchnology is an asset in filling one of the various HMV Vacancies. This is not forgotten at any time as each individual within the corporate team is considered a valuable player in the company. The company is special for other reasons besides training. Community involvement and social awareness are two things that add to HMV’s unique atmosphere. Youth cancer is one of the main targets of the company’s involvement in fundraisers. Corporate responsibility is also emphasized within offices, stores and warehouses in the company’s efforst to be earth-friendly through waste reduction.


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