What to do when you’re caught up in a job scam

Most Effective Steps for Victims of Job Scams

Unfortunately, not everyone will escape job frauds in time. Jobseekers who are the victim of a scam are advised to take the following steps.

1. Close all bank accounts at the bank where the scam took place. It is a good idea to change banks to avoid “”social engineering”” attempts by the con artists to fool bank workers into giving out new account information.

2. Order a credit report from various credit bureaus every 2 to 3 months. Watch the reports for unusual activity.

3. Report the scam to your local police force or a national crime squad.

4. Report the company name, the job posting, and all contact names to the job sites where the scam was posted. Demand that the posting is removed and that the site reports this to the police. (Ask to be given a case number)

5. Permanently close all email addresses that were associated with the job fraud.Your IT department can do this or simply close your Google mail, Yahoo, etc account.

6. Keep a copy of all emails sent by the scammers as this will contain valuable IP address information about where the email was sent from. Check the extended header of the email.

7. Report the scam to your email provider.

8. Report the scam to various scam detection sites.

9. Report the scam to your payment provider. If you paid through PayPal or via a credit card you can generally get your money back.

10. If you sent your ID, report your ID stolen and replace it immediately.

There are numerous websites with a lot more information about scams. To name a few:

World Privacy Forum
Privacy Rights Clearinghouse

Scam Busters

Hot Scams

Credit Bureaus to check your financial rating:




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