New European musical talent!

I was searching the internet for something totally unrelated and came across a new singing phenomenon. Ceskie is a 14 (!) year old RnB/jazz singer/songwriter who has just produced her first songs.

She studies the violin and the piano and is self taught on two more instruments. She loves animals, especially her two dogs, and anything that goes fast (i.e. driving, skiing, windsurfing), but composing is her biggest hobby.

Her musical life is split into two: classical and jazz. She also has a facebook page. She’s studying/playing Bach’s Concerto in E major and de Beriot’s Concerto No. 7 on the violin, and Lizst’s Consolation No. 3 on the piano. In jazz she’s improvising like mad. She composes her songs with GarageBand and Sibelius. Gone are the days when music had to be written down with pen & paper. It’s much more creative now.

Her dream is to play the piano and sing with Jools Holland! You never know, we might see her on the new year’s eve show. Fingers crossed!



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