How to get a work permit in Europe

We keep on getting the same question over and over again:

What does it cost to get a work permit in Europe and
how long will it take to get one?

The answer is simple:

YOU can NOT get a work permit.

An employer will have to get one on your behalf and this will not cost you anything.

European law stipulates that the employer must file for a work permit on behalf of the non-European employee the company wants to hire.

So, how do you get an employer to get a work permit for you?

With great difficulty.

An employer will have to prove to the government that they can not find anyone in Europe to fill the vacancy. Remember that there are millions of well educated, unemployed people in Europe, so this will be a very hard case to prove. If you’re an unskilled labourer you have absolutely no chance. Only in industries where there is a shortage of staff you will be able to find employers willing to fill in the necessary paperwork.

Most employer won’t even contemplate trying to get a work permit as the red tape involved is extreme. Governments in Europe are trying to make it as difficult as possible in order to keep immigrants out. They already have too much difficulty coping with their own unemployed work forces.

If you are a candidate without a European passport (or the right to get one) or not married to a European passport holder, you will notice that companies won’t even bother to reply to applications from non-Europeans. They have no way of employing non-Europeans and they are already getting too many unsolicited applications from European candidates.

On top of that, too many people from the Indian subcontinent send out applications indiscriminately (application spam), causing employers to not even look at them. The only way to make sure a potential employer will look at an application is to make sure that you tick all the boxes mentioned in the advert, are eligible to work in the EU and can prove that you have experience in the fields required.

Also have a look under the work permits section on the blog as we have regularly published information about this in the past.



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