Job sites more effective than social media

Interesting to read that 70% of UK recruiters think that social media platforms are ineffective as a recruitment tool. Research from headhunting firm Robert Half suggests traditional recruitment techniques are still favoured among UK businesses rather than placing trust in social media sites.

200 UK based personnel directors were asked what they think of social media sites with regard to recruitment. A third of the respondents (32 per cent) were using social networking sites to communicate with candidates, while only 30 per cent used social media sites for sourcing them. One in five – 22 per cent – of personnel directors indicated that they check online profiles for behaviour and/or suitability of candidates.

The research by Robert Half shows that hiring managers still prefer more traditional recruitment methods, such as using of online job boards, employee referrals and recruitment consultancies. It seems most employers still believe this to be the most effective approach for screening candidates and assessing competencies.

It is also questionable whether the future of recruitment – at least in the short term – will be much different. The majority of executives, 63 per cent, think it is unlikely that profiles on networking sites will replace CVs in the future.

Despite these results it is obvious that candidates should still invest time in their online presence. An online presence can be used to portray yourself as a specialist in your field and acts as a guarantee for when recruiters check people out online. Managing your reputation online is becoming much more important now everything from a snapshot of a drunken visit to the pub as well as industry specific articles can be linked to someone’s name. You’ll want to make sure you have an untarnished reputation online.

Social media might be fun right now, but when it comes to getting a job in the future you might regret what you put on there as it is often very difficult to remove embarrassing comments, photos or articles. Once you’ve posted them, they tend to pop up in the most unsuspected places.

The situation in Europe most likely won’t be much different as HR departments are often not the most dynamic when it comes to trying out new technology. Too much depends on hiring the right person, so the ‘old’ tools of the trade are still relied on. Recruiters want to see CVs and go through them, which makes long established job sites such as an ideal source for candidates.


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