Want to work in Europe?

So, you want to work in Europe?

Whatever your reason for wanting to work in Europe, you will first need to overcome a big issue.

It’s called a work permit…..

Let’s face it. Politicians want to keep their voters happy. Voters tend to be scared of newcomers who “steal” “their” jobs. Politicians will want to take that feeling away by insisting newcomers have a work permit. It’s the same all over the world, whether you’re in the USA, Australia, India or in the Middle East. They’re all playing the same game. (They’re politicians after all…..)

What’s the situation in Europe?
The countries that make up the European Union all abide by rules defined in Brussels. There might be some local flavours of the EU rules decreed by Brussels, but being able to work in Europe generally comes down to whether or not you have a local EU passport (or can get one), live in a country that the EU doesn’t see as a threat to their workforce or if you have skills that are in demand locally in Europe. Otherwise, tough luck, you won’t be allowed to work in the European Union.

I’ll work there illegally then.
Tens of thousands of people try to get into the European Union illegally. Bad choice! What they don’t realise is that although they can earn a “lot more” illegally than they would ever be able to legally at home, the cost of living in the EU is astronomical in comparison and the extortion racket that got you there will take a big chunk out of your “earnings”. You might not be left with much after you’ve paid for everything.

Almost everything you would “earn” will be spend on paying off whoever smuggled you into the EU, on paying for squalid ‘living’ accommodation and the little that’s left goes on food. The chance that anything can be sent home is extremely small. If you have something left to send, Western Union and other money processors will take their cut, reducing the amount even further.

Needless to say that anyone trying to get work illegally in the European Union will be held over a barrel by the criminal gangs running the human trafficking trade. And if you’re found by the police, you run the risk of being expelled with a big debt to your smugglers and no chance to ever earn enough to pay them back.

It is not a nice truth, but you’d better know the real harsh truth instead of looking at Europe through rose tinted glasses.

There is one way out though. Education! Train to become a specialist in your industry, join a European company (or American, Australian, Canadian or whatever country you favour) and eventually when you’re enough of a specialist, it will be beneficial to the company to send you to your chosen place. That way it’s legal and you will be left with a good income (and a future).

It’s long way to go, but the only way to get into knowledge driven societies of the West.


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