Inefficient European governments

European governments often still reside in the pre-internet age. They simply can’t get their heads around the fact that a lot of services can now be done on-line, including collecting taxes, fines, etc.

I encountered some striking examples of this earlier this week. Last summer my daughter, who is a violinist, attended a music festival in Casalmaggiore, near Parma in Italy. We flew to Miland and hired a car to get there. While my daughter was studying and performing with her violin professor, we went to explore the surrounding area and ended up in Parma.

Being not familiar with the situation in Parma I must have drifted into a bus lane and got photographed. As government wheels run slowly I only got the fine 8 months later. I know, they need to work out I hired a care, get my details from the rental company and send me a letter. A lot of work that takes time…..

The big surprise to me was that I could pay the fine through a rather basic looking site.