Eterna Refinery & Shenzhen Bank Scammers again

Hmm, these scammers keep on trying!

Just received a letter in the snail mail claiming that the Shenzhen Development Bank in China holds the estate of a long lost “relative”. When you read the letter it becomes clear quite rapidly that this is another scam. (Besides a major give away of the letter not being on a Shenzhen Bank letterhead.)

The letter is littered with weird expressions which are clearly not English. It’s probably literally translated from Chinese. “the money has been willed to you” Duh….

This person claims to have the KEY to many millions in the bank, but needs your surname to claim. He offers to go 50/50 on it. And then proceeds to claim that no one is getting hurt…. Yeah right. Wait until they tell you that you have to pay a certain amount to release the funds. Who’s hurting then? You won’t see that money back again. Ever.

Moral of the story: Don’t been too greedy as it will catch up with you.

The other scam the system just removed from the site claimed that the Eterna Refinery in Scotland has a job opportunity. The text then goes on to claim expatriates can work in fields like Engineers. Never knew that being an engineer was a field…. Is it not engineering? They have also gone through your CV/Resume. Huh, I thought this was a job advert? Why do they have to put up a job advert when they have gone through your CV? Sounds like a case of scammers not knowing what they are doing.

Other indicators this is a scam are (again) the weird language used, the long list of unrelated jobs and the fact they use a gmail account rather than a company account.
A quick search on Google reveals that there is no company website any more for the Eterna Refinery. It was probably removed from the servers by the hosting company after a deluge of complaints as it shows in Google that the site once existed.

Anyway, as always, be aware of scams. If in doubt, research the advertiser before you apply. And make sure you do NOT send copies of passports, diplomas, bank account details, etc. Anything that can identify you can be used by scammers to open bank accounts in your name, withdraw funds and leave you with an overdrawn account. Nice huh?


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