We’re being inundated again by complaints about spamming.

We do not use email to communicate with our users or potential users, exactly for that reason.

An apparently Chinese spammer using,, or is abusing our return address to spam people. The domain is hosted on, a Chinese provider. You can complain via or get the Chinese Cyberpolice involved.

Using an IP tracer you will be told that the email came from somewhere in South America. The email headers we checked all had different origins in South America. They’re obviously covering up where they are really sending it from.

You can also do the following to block spam.

The spammer is sending out the following crap:

Take a spare three-hour work week in our clinic and get 580 dollars.

Good afternoon!
You already have a current job, but you are searching for ways to increase your income funds?
Would you like to make an additional income without investing even a single cent?

Our company is a leader in providing consulting services and financial support to privately owned investment organizations.
 And currently we are recruiting an additional personnel offering part time employment to all talented and professional individuals.
We offer a decent job which doesn’t confront with any moral or ethical principles.
It will not matter what gender, age, economic status you are – the main conditions for employment are conscientiousness and diligence.

For many of our applicants this work began with partial employment and was combined with their main jobs,
but after 2 weeks most of them decided to work for our company on a full time basis and earn up to 2000 EUR per month.
Are you still debating?
We assure you that we will exert every effort to discredit all your doubts and help you understand
the whole process in detail before putting you into work.

Should you find this interesting please contact us immediately and you will receive an application form
and more detailed information regarding this job offer.
Our experienced HR representatives will listen carefully to your employment needs and then work diligently to match your skills and
qualifications to the duties which will be assigned to you.

Whether you’re looking for temporary, temporary-to-permanent or permanent opportunities do not miss your chance and send us your contact details (e.g. Phone number, email address, first and last name ) to apply now.

Please send the request to our email work @,and I will answer you personally as soon as possible

Looking forward to hearing from you soon.


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