European Blue Card

The European Blue card is meant to be the equivalent of the US Green Card. However it appears to be a rather elusive card. And it is not really a card at all. It is just a stamp in your passport.

No one really seems to know where to get it or how to go about getting it. There is some help at hand though. You can register your details on and then wait until a recruiter might find you. Not quite a recipe for success, but still.

The reason why it is so difficult to get a blue card is that the prospective employer needs to apply for it and has to prove to their national government that the person they want to hire can not be found in Europe.

European employers have an obligation to look for European employees first. Only when they can not find someone (and prove that they went to extraordinary length to find someone) they are allowed to recruit outside the EU. There is nothing you as an applicant can do about this. You’re at the mercy of some faceless bureaucrats who will decide whether you succeed or not.

Every nation has different requirements and demands, so it’ll be difficult to work out where you qualify, unless you know which country you want to work in. Check out the various country websites to get a better idea as to what your chances are.

The ONE thing you should NEVER do is to pay someone to organise a blue card for you. A, it’s illegal, B it’s a scam, and C you will never get the card that way at all. You will lose your money and if you manage to make it into Europe you will discover that you can only work illegally, so you’re at the mercy of the people that smuggled you into Europe. You won’t earn enough money to send a single penny home.




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