Job Interview Preparation Tips

Your CV impressed the recruiter and you have been invited for a job interview. Great news! But how do you take that next hurdle? How can you make sure you shine in the interview? How can you prepare for it?

You will want to leave a lasting impression, so your chances of landing the job you want will increase.

There are a number of things you can do.

Firstly, research the company. Your interviewer will almost certainly ask you about the company to see what you know and whether you are genuinely interested, so you want to have an answer ready. These questions could include basic topics such as the company’s history or its mission, but the more you know, the better your chances will be.

Research what you could bring to the job. How would the company benefit from hiring you. Don’t even think what the company could do for you. That is irrelevant. The additional value you could bring to the company is what counts.

Secondly, be prepared.  The interviewer will not ask you typical yes/no questions. He/she will want to hear your opinion on issues, your views and how you might have dealt with certain issues in the past.  Make sure you’re mentally ready to go into as much detail as possible (Without revealing your current company’s trade secrets of course).

Thirdly, be confident. Companies are generally not interested in grey mice. If they are, they will say so in the advert. You have made it this far, so there is a reason why the company wants to speak to you. You can probably work out why. So, show that you are confident about what you have done in the past. You’re good at something and the company would like confirmation about this. Show it to them, be confident.

You can practice this confidence by undergoing mock interviews with people before the real thing. Have anyone whom you practice with prepare some questions rather you giving them some. This will help you think on your feet, which you will inevitably have to do when the real thing comes around.

And last but not least, don’t panic. There is no need to be nervous. When you are being interviewed, you want to keep a cool head and stay in control. Try to ask the questions, rather than being asked questions. Most interviewer are human and like to talk. So ask! It also shows interest in the company.

When you have to answer questions, take your time. Don’t answer instantly. Consider your answer. A well thought through answer will most likely impress the interviewer, and it will show that you have understood the question.

Following these four simple tips can ensure that the interviewer will remember you out of all the candidates he/she has interviewed (and they do interview a lot of people) and therefore increase the chances of getting through to the next stage.

Good luck!


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