Mail delayed, no problem….

Why would you want to pay for mail to arrive months, even years after you posted it? A French company is now offering a delayed delivery service, as if our mail service has no problem delivering post days, weeks after it’s intended delivery date.

What’s going on?

The principle is quite straightforward really. Clients give Mailenium the products they want to send in the future, which are then stored in a warehouse near Paris until the day they need to be delivered. And as is normal these days, the entire process can be done over the internet.

Mailenium then asks its clients to inform them at which date they want to send their packages. A couple of months or even years down the line, they ship the goods.

38-year-old entrepreneur and mother Sylvie Gamet set up the company after giving birth to her first son. “I had put some photos and objects aside. I wanted to make a package and send it to him for when he turns 18. I imagined he’d love to think I made this parcel ages ago,” Gamet told daily Le Telegramme.

“But I didn’t really have the room to keep the parcel at home. That’s why I decided to create Mailenium,” she said.

Of course, clients are allowed to revoke their order whenever they feel like it. Gamet doesn’t want her clients to suffer the embarrassment of sending ex-partners love letters in the future if they have shacked up with someone else.

What’s her tallest order so far? She has one parcel with a delivery date set for 2022.

Great idea to beat the postal service with a service that turns their worst performance into a USP.  No doubt the postal service will want to have a look at this. Perhaps even implement it. And we might then even get our mail on time when they mess up……  🙂


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