Social networking skills for jobs

When you’re still at school or at university, social networking is predominantly about connecting with friends and deciding what to do during the weekend. However, the way you use social networking can severely influence your career later on in life. But, if you keep a few things in mind it could help you secure the job you’ve always dreamt of.

If you’ve recently graduated with e.g. a highly regarded marketing degree, you will have realised that the job market is rather tough at the moment. A degree in marketing isn’t enough to separate you from every other candidate out there. In the real world, you need to make as many social connections as possible in order to have a chance of landing a job. Student clubs, football & hockey clubs are great for pals, but you need more heavyweight hitters to land you that first job. Social networking sites are the place to connect with them.

Social networking can be an important tool for finding graduate marketing job prospects. If you do it correctly,you can interact with companies and their employees in a way that is fully controllable, and potentially able to create a positive impression.

By engaging job prospects, (as well as the current and former employees of these prospects) through social media, job hunters are able to present qualities that might not be apparent from looking at a resume. This additional information can make you stand out from the rest of the pack.

Social networking gives you the opportunity to present yourself as you would like to be seen. When employers look at a resume, they often see just groups of facts and figures; the font that you use may get more attention than your entire educational and employment history! On the other hand, social networking profiles paint a picture of you, the person. And that is exactly where the problem lies.

Before you even begin filling out those applications forms, it’s a good idea to clean up your social networking profiles first. Many prospective employers search social networks when considering potential employees and what they find could have an impact on their decision to employ you or not. Are there any off-color comments or embarrassing pictures that you might not want a prospective employer to be able to see? If there are, delete them, or at least change the privacy settings on your accounts so that only those people in your life who get the joke have access to that particular material.

Social networking sites allow people in various professions to join target groups for the purpose of networking with their peers. As a job seeker, it’s a good idea for you to join one or two of these groups. Once you’ve joined a community of your desired peers; be active. The more outspoken you are, the more likely it is that you’ll be noticed. Answer questions, and don’t forget to ask a few of your own.

So, go out and create a positive, business like profile and get rid of your beer soaked, sun drenched image from your university years. That’s in the past!


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