How not to apply for a job

We often get sent requests for a job, even though we are not involved in the actual recruitment of people. (We only host the adverts….)

Nevertheless people try to get us to give them a job. And some of them have no idea how to go about getting a job in Europe. If you are trying to impress a prospective employer, don’t write email messages such as the following ones:

send me a new works in Europe and help me for save in this jobs .
thank you

Or like this:

Please be advised that I am looking for a job back in Europe and have attached my CV for your reference and would appreciate any opportunities that you think may be of interest and valid.

Or like this:

I’m ****** from ******.
My friend and I wish to find a job and immigrate to UK, Germany or other European country.
My friend has good experience in telecom billing (CV is attached).
I’m experienced in sales, hotel services, supermarket, consulting within wholesale and relevant domains (CV is attached).
Both of us have clean profiles and we are single.
We are waiting for your answer.

These messages all have the same thing in common. The people who sent these have no idea how to go about getting a job.

If you want to find a job you need to:

1. Focus. Only apply for jobs you have the right experience for. Employers will instantly bin your application if your experience does not match their requirements. There are hundreds of thousands of people looking for a job. Make sure you are the one who is right for that particular job.

2. Create a clear and concise CV. Start with your current job and list your first job last. A good example is the European CV format. It gives you a standard format and you just fill in your experience.

3. Show why you are great for the job. List your achievements such as ‘secured a $10M project’, ‘reorganised the billing department’, etc. That is the kind of information an employer can use. Don’t just list your job title and the name of your employer.

4. Run a spell check. You’d be surprised to see how many people don’t do this. We see letters containing ‘Daer Sir”, “Yuors sinvereley”, “Kind reards” and many other typos.

5. Add your contact details. Make sure they are listed on your CV as well as on the covering letter. It would very frustrating if the employer can not get hold of you to offer you a job. And even more embarrassing if they have to call you at your current job.


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