Customer unfriendly Ryanair renamed Cattleair

Ryanair has done it again. They have upset Sweden by bluntly leaving a plane load of Swedes in Croatia.

The no frills airline told passengers on a dark Monday in September that it was cancelling it’s morning flight from Rijeka to Stockholm Skavsta Airport as a result of strong winds. Little did passengers expect that the aircraft then flew to the Swedish capital empty two hours later, leaving them stranded in Rijeka. Ryanair simply abandoned their customers.

Passengers were obviously extremely frustrated. “I never thought they would behave this badly. We knew we were traveling with a budget airline but we never thought they’d leave us behind”, passenger Mirva Axelsson said. (No surprise really, as Ryanair’s attitude is defined by their loud mouth CEO, who has an unhealthy disrespect for customers.)

Ryanair did not provide alternatives for the stranded passengers, leaving them to find their own way out of the country. Passengers had to spend up to a thousand euros to find alternative transport to their final destination, money Ryanair is refusing to compensate.

The Swedish Consumer Agency, Konsumentverket, has condemned Ryanair for its conduct. It says the airline was required to offer help with finding passengers alternative transport and provide them with food and accommodation. Ryanair obviously thinks they’re so big now they can arrogantly ignore rules that are applicable to all other airlines, let alone behave in a customer oriented way. What counts for everyone in Europe does not count for Ryanair….!

The passengers who were booked on the Ryanair flight to Stockholm were predominantly Swedish tourists who had spent their holiday in Croatia, helping the local economy back on its feet. Ryanair clearly has no interest in ferrying people around Europe once it has taken their money. Any other trader who would take customers’ money and does a runner normally ends up in court…….

This news came after it was reported that up to 28 Ryanair flights made emergency landings due to fuel shortages, a result of their cost cutting approach to load the least possible amount of fuel onto their aircraft. The Irish and Spanish authorities have launched an investigation into Ryanair’s practices. How extreme can their quest to maximise their profits become?

You really wonder how an airline, which takes no notice of customers, offers no service whatsoever and puts passangers lives at risk, can survive. Are people willing to put up with behaviour like this just to catch a cheap flight? If you add all the discomfort, additional fees, unreliable schedules and risk to live and limb, there are more reliable airlines for the same amount of money.

Probably best to rename Ryanair to Cattleair, as cattle seems to have more rights than it’s current passengers.


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