CV database disconnected

Eurojobs does not store personal CV details anymore.
No more CVs and no more personal contact details.

Aargh, how do I apply for a job then?

There is a reason for not storing personal details anymore. The internet is increasingly becoming littered with sites who offer to store your CV and then use your details for identity scams or sell your details to scammers, spammers and other assorted criminals. These include gangs spamming millions of people with fake job offers, in the hope you will reply so they can suck you into paying them a fee for non existing visas, work permits, etc.

The criminals behind these scams use sophisticated scanning software and constantly try to breach the security of sites that store people’s personal details. It’s a constant cat and mouse game.

We have changed the site so you can apply directly to an advert, adding your own CV, your LinkedIn CV or other formats (to be added). We want you to be in control of your own data as you know best what to do with it. These days you don’t want people unknown to you accessing your data and sending it to people beyond your control.

We’ve actually gone full circle with this. When we started in 1995 (Yes, we’re that old!) we could not store CVs as the technical wizardry involved was too advanced for our small team to handle. (Remember, we’re talking very early internet days here, only months after Netscape appeared on the scene.) We simply hosted job adverts and started adding additional CV based services in the years that followed. Hundreds of thousands of CVs have been added to our database and these are only accessed very infrequently, resulting in a large pile of stale personal data that could potentially be hacked, stolen or even (God forbid) lost……

In order to keep all these personal files save from intruders and criminally minded people, we had to go to extreme lengths. We’ve endured “denial of service attacks’, attempts to suck data out, fake sites, email attacks, etc. These criminal activities have used up valuable development time we could have used to help candidates and recruiters better find each other. We were more data police than job enabler.

So, we’ve done the unimaginable thing. The industry says we shouldn’t do it, but we’ve removed the CV database from our job board. (Gulp…) We’ve gone back to basics. No frills, just jobs. And you can easily apply by using the Apply button.


And from now on we can concentrate on what we originally set out to do. Connect the European workforce. Make the European market more transparent and accessible.

So, let your mouse and your feet wander through Europe and defy those politicians who’s aim it is to turn Europe in a ring fenced, Brussels run, social experiment.

Prove them wrong, work anywhere. Have fun. Europe is a magical, multi-cultural place. Respect all the other cultures and teach each other the beauty of each other’s culture.

Enjoy! (And let us know how you get on…..)


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