Cyprus jobs challenge

Looking for a job in Cyprus is now becoming a costly affair. You now have to pay the prospective employer in order to be regarded a serious applicant. It doesn’t mean you can buy yourself a job though.

An advertised, low paid, entry-level job at the telecommunications authority CyTA received 3,000 more applicants than it did when it was last advertised two years ago. About 4,400 people applied for one of the about 100 vacancies in customer service and  sales. These jobs are paying €8 an hour with very few benefits according to CyTA. Not a particularly good job, but you have little choice when there are not too many jobs to get on the career ladder.

You wonder what the people at CyTA were thinking when they asked all job applicants to pay €25 in order to be allowed to apply for the job. It looks like it has all the hallmarks of a typical job scam. They promised to return the ‘fee’ to the candidates who would match the criteria and who were invited for a written interview. Given that there are 13,000 registered unemployed sales staff in Cyprus and 4,400 applied, this could add up to tidy sum.

I wonder if they just found a new way for recruiters to maximise their earnings whilst lowering the number of hours they have to spend on the job.

According to CyTA they wanted to encourage only people who were truly interested in the vacancies. However, thousands more people still applied than they did two years ago. Might it have something to do with the bad economic situation? If you’re unemployed you might not be qualified, but I fail to see why they might not be truly interested in the job. It’s rather cynical to ask job seekers to pay for a chance to be interviewed…..

The unemployment rate in Cyprus climbed to 12.2 per cent in September.  According to the island’s statistics service (Cystat), the number of jobless grew 29 per cent compared to last year, one of the highest year-on-year increases in the European Union. The unemployment rate amongst young people in Cyprus is around 25 per cent.


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