50 years on the job and no time off…….

The Croatian Times reported that Drago Pirija, a workaholic company boss aged 70, might end up in the Guinness book of Records. Mr Pirija, who runs a marina, a tourism resort and an entertainment centre, has never in his working life taken a single day off for a holiday or has been on sick leave in a career spanning 50 years at Jezera on the Croatian island of Murter.

He said : “I love my job and as it is in the tourism business you could argue it was one big holiday anyway – and because I’m happy at work I was never sick enough to need to take time off through my entire career. My staff sent a note to Guinness to see if I qualified, if I am included though I won’t be taking a holiday to celebrate – but we might have a party after work.”

And it also looks like he will never retire…… Who would want to retire with a job like that?


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