EU having trouble recruiting in Estonia

EU flagThe EU Agency for large-scale IT systems in Talinn, Estonia, which started operations on December 1, 2012, is to provide a viable, long-term solution for the operational management of large-scale IT systems in the area of Home Affairs. (EU-speak!)

The agency’s head says that they find it difficult to attract foreign professionals to Tallinn because of EU pay rules. (Which employer has not complained about EU regulation? Funny it’s the EU itself in this case…..) They apparently have a major practical challenge to attract people with the necessary skills and the necessary background to Talinn.
The problem seems to be that the EU has attributed pay coefficients to all member states. And as Estonia’s coefficient is very low, it means that people working for EU institutions in Estonia will also receive less pay than elsewhere.

While Brussels has a coefficient of 1, Tallinn’s coefficient is about 0.7. This means that it makes Tallinn seem less attractive as a possible work location for EU officials. What these EU officials seem to forget though is that the cost of life in Estonia is also on a 0.7 scale compared to Brussels, which should level out the perceived salary decrease.

They would like to see more Estonians apply for jobs in the EU IT Agency. There are only a few Estonians working for the EU Agency so far. One Estonian works in Strasbourg and a few others in the Tallinn office. As the agency only recently started operating, there are a large number of vacancies and the hope is that Estonians will apply. However they are up against stiff competition as their selection procedure is based on equal opportunities and they don’t choose their employees based on nationality.

The IT Agency will start hiring in January 2013. They would like tol have found people for most of 45 jobs by summer and all by end of the year.

So, if you’re living in Estonia, brush up your EU knowledge and apply. A career in the EU workforce apparently is a gold plated one.


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