Who’s the best European then?

Which Europeans are the best (According to the EU that is)?

Romania has been in the spotlight a lot recently – from the threat of immigrants flooding the richer parts of the EU to passing horse meat off as beef. Things in Europe are however not always what they appear to be. The Dutch e.g. are not always mean with money, the are also the most charitable people in the EU, The Swiss might be perceived at incorruptable, but they had huge banking scandals. So, what’s up?

The latest Internal Market Scoreboard, released by the European Commission this week, shows that Romania – along with some of the other new EU member states – are actually the best Europeans around. At least according to the European Commission. (Who set the standards….)

The report allegedly shows that Romania scores above average on all topics and Belgium, home to the EU parliament, scores worst. Huh, what’s going on?

The EU proudly states on their website: “The Internal Market Scoreboard was first published fifteen years ago, and today’s edition shows great improvements by Member States. The EU average transposition deficit – the percentage of Internal Market Directives that have not been transposed into national law in time – has decreased from 6.3% in 1997 to a record new level of 0.6%, i.e. below the 1% target agreed by the European Heads of State and Government in 2007 and close to the 0.5% deficit proposed in the Single Market Act in April 2011.”

What they mean with this EU-speak is that there are fewer European states objecting to the idiotic rules Brussels forces them to implement without any input. The EU states now just roll over quicker than before. Something to be proud of…… πŸ™

The “Internal Market Enforcement Table” below, which includes the “enforcement indicators” is something that the Commission takes into account when performing it’s assessment (red = bad, yellow = average and green = good) of club members: