Horse meat scandal…no common sense anymore?

The horse meat scandal seems to be blown completely out of proportion.
It appears that meat has been ‘contaminated’ as the media calls it. Contaminated? Does that mean people will die as a result? Don’t think so.

A Cypriot company has destroyed 16.5 tonnes of burgers fearing they were contaminated with horse meat. Authorities did not name the company, adding that it disposed of the burgers when the news broke that meat products labelled as beef were found to contain horse meat.

“When the furore erupted it sought to destroy them despite not being implicated in the case,” vet services director Giorgos Kyriakides said. “They destroyed them on suspicion that maybe it was horse meat and it was later proven that the company was not implicated.” Kyriakides said the meat was destroyed a few days ago in the presence of officials from his department.

How more stupid can this become? Horse meat is not poisonous. Huge numbers of European people eat it daily. It is healthier than beef. One of the problems is that some people are attached to them as they ride them and therefore don’t see them as a source of meat.

The real problem however is that unscrupulous dealers have sold horse dressed up as beef, which is five times more expensive. It’s a labeling scandal, a money making swindle, but not a threat to public health. Some people might not eat horse for religious reasons, so a label stating that it’s horse would have been handy.

It’s a case of a job not well done by trading standards. They should have checked and double checked this trade. But for the media to whip up a storm and a feeding frenzy about the fact that it’s a contamination is a scandal in itself. It is easy to scare the public into thinking their food is at risk. The media should be held responsible for misrepresenting this whole case.

Anyone for turning the gun on the media?


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