Recruiters: Why you should be using Psychometric Testing

According to all the national newspapers, today will be the busiest day of the year for job hunters. After the Christmas break with New Year’s resolutions penned and with the long awaited upturn in the economy, it’s little surprise that restlessness is kicking in.

Assuming the pundits are right, it is likely that recruiters will be inundated with applications. So what is the best way to sort the wheat from the chaff without facing an administrative nightmare and potentially making costly recruitment mistakes?

Psychometric tests and questionnaires provide information on a candidate’s aptitude, work style and values. Psychometric testing can be used in two ways. Traditionally psychometric tests have been used in the final stages of the recruitment process, perhaps administering a battery of aptitude and personality tests to the final three candidates. This is the most effective and fairest way of using tests as it allows the interviewer to explore the results of the tests with the candidates and allows for deep probing on aspects of personality, such as thinking or management styles. The second method is using computer-administered tests at the beginning of the recruitment process to evaluate large numbers of applicants and identifying the best prospects to invite for interview and further assessment.

So what is the difference between the numerous tests that are on the market and what is the best way to administer the tests? The British Psychological Society (BPS) is the regulatory body for both tests and experts administering tests. If a test is BPS approved, you can be totally confident that it has been extensively researched, it is valid and reliable – in other words it does what it says it does, the same results will occur every time someone takes the test and it has been referenced against significant norm groups. Some of the cheaper tests in the marketplace have not been properly constructed and consequently are little better than a fairground prediction. In order to administer tests, users need to be qualified with the BPS in Levels A & B in Psychometric Testing. The BPS has an online register listing approved administrators.

Depending upon your needs, the administrator will consider the job competencies and work with you to prepare an ideal profile. This is particularly relevant when doing pre-interview testing as it allows benchmarking. The administrator will advise which tests will best suit your recruitment needs. It is ideal to have an independent administrator who isn’t tied into a particular company, as you may need to administer aptitude tests from one test publisher and personality tests from another. The vast majority of tests can be administered online which means that your candidates could even complete the tests from the comfort of their own home. Test results are sent to your administrator who will prepare reports and feedback to you.


Miranda Rijks is an Associate Director at and has been qualified in Psychometric Testing for over 20 years. She is a Business Coach, NLP Practitioner and Writer. She is offering the first 5 recruiters to contact her a 10% discount on Psychometric Testing.


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