Job of your life in Germany?

Get trained in Germany

Unemployment levels in Europe are very high, especially when you’re younger than 30, and this is a particular problem in countries around the Mediterranean. There does not seem to be way anymore to gain experience and become a true professional. Europe used to have a system called Guilds, where master craftsmen would train an apprentice on the job, so you could work your way out of unemployment. Most countries have lost these Guilds, but in Germany this is still a major way into a career.

As Germany is a technology powerhouse with an ageing population, the German government has launched “MobiPro-EU” (Who comes up with these names?) to attract young Europeans in order to train them for one of 350 recognised professions. European students can receive a grant from the German state that will help them get through this training on the job.

In Germany people don’t just learn an occupation in a school. Instead, you have a training contract with a company. During the training you will learn in a hands-on way any specialised know-how for your professional future and attend a school for one or two days a week. This dual vocational training lasts, depending on the occupation, between two and three-and-a-half years and the good thing about this all? You’ll learn German, a profession and you get paid for it.

The program will be running until the end of 2016 and will be funded with 139 million Euros by the Ministry of Labour.

How to participate

When you’re interested in participating go to which will have more info about the program and you can request more info.

Be quick though as this program might be filled up rather quickly.

Chances like this don’t come along that often!


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