Prime Spring Hotel scam

These hotel job scams keep on coming. This time the website of the Courthouse Hotel in Central London has been copied and abused for a job scam. The site has been renamed as the “PrimeSpring Hotel”. All pages, with the exception of the Careers section are the same. The purpose of these scams are to make people pay for fake visas, work permits and other ‘costs’. Once these fees have been paid, the ‘recruiter’ disappears.

So, don’t apply for these fake jobs, unless you want to lose money.

How can you protect yourself against these fake jobs?

1. Do a search on to find out who registered the site. If it’s not related to the website, stay well away. In this case this London based hotel website was registered by a Nigerian woman called Emma Ogorz via a domain registrar in the USA. Both have nothing to do with the UK. Nigeria is a well known source for these scams.

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2. Check out the registration date. If the site has only been registered recently and the ‘hotel’ claims it has been going for a long time, there might be something fishy. Most companies will have had a website for at least ten years.

3. If the Admin of a website uses a Gmail or other free email address, you can bet your bottom dollar that they’re fake. Why use a real email address that can be tracked if you want to scam people? Too risky!

4. Simply call Directory enquiries. If they can’t find them with the number provided on the website, it’ll most likely be a scam.

5. You’ll often find that scammers make mistakes. In this case they have left the telephone numbers of the real hotel on parts of the website, giving the impression the hotel has two different main numbers. Oops.

6. If you do apply and they start asking for fees to be paid, back off. Don’t pay. European employers do NOT charge fees or admin costs to applicants. This is illegal.

7. All European countries have a policy in place to limit immigration. You can only get a work permit if you fall into some highly desired categories and the employer applies for the permit. Hotel staff don’t fall in these categories. You can not personally apply for a work permit.

8. Do a bit of research. You’ll be surprised what you can find. Or can not find, which is often more telling!



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