PSI Incorporation scam ( Cont…)

These scammers get more audacious by the day!

We highlighted the scam with PSI Incorporation (Papmac Securities and Investments) allegedly based in Wichita, Texas, USA a few days ago. Someone called Spiff White then rang (certainly not from a US phone number) to complain that we were harming their business. Yeah right. Stopping people from being scammed more like and hurting their scam income stream…..

He even demanded that we remove the blog post. No evidence given as to who they really are. And we just have to believe them…..

We then received the following email demanding the same thing.

Weird thing is:

– There is no Papmac Securities an Investment Inc. on the Edgar company database in the USA. If the US government doesn’t think they exist, who are we to doubt that?

– On the address given in Texas there is no building that even remotely looks like the one on their homepage.

– Trawling through local phone books, again… no sign of PSI Inc. The only company that comes close in name is a machinery company.

– Searching the net only reveals their (scam) site. Even if they had been trading off line there would have been references to them.

– The email revealed that it was sent from Ikeja, Nigeria, a country notorious for scams.Screen Shot 2014-04-09 at 12.59.14



The message originated somewhere around here:
Screen Shot 2014-04-09 at 13.32.56
And the PSI website is also registered at a Nigerian address. Coincidence?

It’s unclear if the scammers are based there or if the server is located there. Someone on the ground could easily check that out.

– “Spiff White” apologises for a ‘breach of the webpage’ but their webpage was never breached. The same site is still there and the domain is still registered in Nigeria.

– Normally when a business wants to protect their reputation they will give you their contact details, such as the address, phone number, contact person, etc. and any other information that can be verified.

They only gave one name, “Spiff White”, but no contact address. I wonder if the name is a reference to what they smoke locally? They must be sitting on a cloud somewhere if they think that a simple unverifiable email will do the trick.

– They claim that they have launched an investigation alongside the Economic Financial Crimes Commission Nigeria (ww. Their ISP would be a better place to start. Why would a US based company, who’s site has been hacked launch an investigation in Nigeria? Do they know something we can only suspect (that they’re really based in Nigeria and know this country better than the USA)

Anyway, the site of the Commission appears to be hacked as well, as their contact page appears as an advert for viagra in the Google SERPs.
Must be a very potent commission……

– And last, but not least, language. I don’t want to rub our US cousins up the wrong way, but Spiff White’s command of English is somewhat questionable. For a legal representative from an English speaking country he must have been asleep during his English classes. No legal representative would draft a grammatically incorrect letter as this might have hair splitting legal ramifications later on.
Another indication that we’re most likely dealing with scammers.

Of course, we might be completely and utterly wrong, but this all points to a scam.
But if Spiff White reads this and wants to supply real, verifiable information to the contrary, then we’ll be more than happy to remove the blog posts and publish a rectification. We’ll even shout Mea Culpa!

However, I suspect this will not be forthcoming any time soon, but you never know….. 🙂

If there is anyone out there who can provide us with more tangible info, please add it it below. (We’re not holding our breath.)




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