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I had a brain-storming session with a couple of colleagues yesterday to firm up the business plan for our Training company. We listed all of the services that we offer: leadership training; assertiveness training; advanced selling skills; emotional intelligence workshops; executive coaching. After copious cups of mint tea, I sat back and yawned. To be blunt, we could have been listing widget types or electronic components.

Our clients aren’t interested in what we deliver or even how we deliver. They are interested in the results we can bring. We then thought deeply about those results. We can deliver more productive, better functioning teams, increased staff retention, individuals and teams that are more in alignment with their company objectives – and so the list of benefits go on.

The same applies to job hunters. Recruiters aren’t so interested in your job description and what you have done. They want to know the results you have effected. Think of things such as increased profitability; cost reductions; achievements against tangible targets. Give lots of examples of how you have made a difference and that’s what will set you apart from other applicants.


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Miranda Rijks is an Associate Director of Eurojobs and the founder of EurojobsPlus. She has been qualified in Psychometric Testing for over 20 years and is a Coach, NLP Practitioner and Writer.

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