Does your company lack emotional intelligence? Yes – not surprising you’re looking for a new job

A survey by has suggested that in America, 23 percent of people look for a new job every single day! What’s equally fascinating is, it’s not the financial rewards or challenging work content that prompts employees to make a move, it’s the soft skills, the ability to get on with other people, the communication, the culture – in other words, the emotional intelligence of the organisation.

This weekend I was fortunate enough to attend a training progamme on Energy Leadership ™ Development developed by iPEC, a programme that I believe can make a profound difference in people’s lives. I will discuss it in greater detail in the future and how I will be integrating it into my coaching programmes. One of the basic premise is that so much of our lives is fed by the notion of ‘what’s wrong?’. From birth, we are trained to ask that question, focusing on what’s wrong with our relationships, what’s wrong with our work, what’s wrong in every aspect of our lives.

If instead we asked, ‘What’s right?’, ‘What’s the opportunity?’ or ‘How can we make this work?’, how different would we feel? How much more creativity would flood into our lives and how much more contented would we be? If we can learn to control our emotions and think positively, in other words have more emotionally intelligence, what difference do you think that would make?

Please let me know what you think.

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About Miranda

Miranda Rijks is an Associate Director of Eurojobs and the founder of EurojobsPlus. She has been qualified in Psychometric Testing for over 20 years and is a Coach, NLP Practitioner and Writer.

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