Hypocritical Dutch extradite Abdul Ghafoor Ahmadzai

In case you don’t know who Abdul Ghafoor Ahmadzai is, he is an Afghan translator who worked for the Dutch and US army in Afghanistan. He risked his life working for them and had to flee Afghanistan when his brother was killed by the Taleban thinking it was him. He had to leave his 4 day (!) old son behind.

He then fled through Asia, the Caucasus, Turkey and Greece to end up in Norway, where he was refused asylum. He then tried his luck in the Netherlands, a country with a good reputation when it comes to refugees. Or at least that was until recently.

As a result of an increasing influx of migrants and a hysterical demagog called Geert Wilders, the Dutch government decided that they had to play by the Dublin rule stipulating that you can only ask for asylum in one European country. As if someone who is feeing to save his life would know all the in’s and out’s of European law.

Ergo: exit Mr. Ahmadzai.

All this came to a head during the weekend the Dutch remember Operation Market Garden, the partly failed attempt to liberate the Netherlands at the end of WWII. They honour the Brits, Canadians and Americans who risked their lives to defend liberty.

But save the life of someone who more recently risked his life for the Dutch? Nah, rules are rules. If they had followed the rules in WWII, they would now be speaking German in the Netherlands. Rules are for cowards who don’t dare to stick out their neck to make an exception.

Security secretary Mr. Teeven, who is responsible for this decision, simply has no idea of the bravery required to act as an interpreter for Western armed forces in Afghanistan. He is a loudmouth, ultra right wing bigot who thinks every muslim should be sent back to where they came from.

His stance might be a sign of the times, but a little compassion would go a long way to make this world a better place.

Leave your comments about Mr. Teeven’s behaviour here: https://www.rijksoverheid.nl/regering/bewindspersonen/fred-teeven/reageren

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