Patrick Leonardo: Scam – Beware!

There is another scam going around. This time the scammer uses Patrick Leonardo as his name with the email address

Needless to say and as with other scams:

– This ‘person’ is NOT employed by

– Email addresses coming from Eurojobs will be ‘’ and nothing else.

– We do NOT charge for applications. This is illegal in Europe.

– Employers do not charge for expenses or fees either. Applying in Europe is free.

– Employers in Europe do NOT employ people via email. They will always insist on an interview in their offices, as a hired employee will be incredibly difficult to fire once hired. They will want to make sure you are the right person for the company.

– If you are not a European passport holder the chance you will be offered a job in Europe is nil. Unemployment levels are too high for non-Europeans to be allowed in.

– is a highly automated service and we employ a very small number of IT staff. None of our staff is involved in recruiting people.

So, if you are asked to pay for fees or if you are hired via email without ever having seen someone from the company you can bet that it is a scam. Whatever “Patrick Leonardo” is saying.

Don’t be fooled!

Below is the chat history and some photos the scammer sent to prove he is a “real” person, captured by an alert candidate to show how cunning these scammers are:

Let us know if you know who these people on the photos really are as they will have been lifted off the internet and these people probably don’t know it.

This carries the hallmarks of a Nigerian scam. can not be traced either as it’s domain name is hidden.
Another sign it’s a scam!!


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