Do You Like To Travel?

Why Parcel Delivery Could Be the Right Career Path

There’s no denying that everyone likes to travel every once in a while. But for some of us, that like turns into a love, and that love turns into a want to travel more than just every once in a while. The idea of travelling as part of a job feels like a lifetime away, but it doesn’t have to be. Whether you work directly for a courier (You can see some of the most popular at or you decide to go self-employed, there are plenty of perks to becoming a delivery driver – here are just a few!

You get to travel!

Okay, so you’ve probably already worked that part out, but with a courier job comes the opportunity to travel! While some jobs might only take you from one end of your county to the other, you only have to look a little further for the opportunity to nab a job that will take you from one end of the country to another – maybe even overseas! If you have that taste of wanderlust that you just can’t shake, delivery driving can get you on that open road, visiting places you might not have even considered visiting. The best part? You’ll be getting paid to go there!

Working hours

The working hours for a delivery driver are different, but whether that’s a good or bad thing is ultimately up to you. You could have more freedom to choose your own hours, though they’ll usually average at about 30-40 a week just like any other job. Extra shifts are usually available and encouraged, so if you want to earn more money at weekends or evenings, this is just as good of a job for that too. If you work as a freelance courier, you can have complete control over how many hours you do and just when you want to do them. If you just want to work nights on the open, empty roads, then do it!

An average day in the life of a courier.

It’s important to realise what a day in the life of a courier looks like before you go ahead and start applying for the job. It might seem self-explanatory, but there is often something that everyone forgets or doesn’t realise! Every day, you’ll carry out simple tasks from collecting packages and the delivery addresses from the depot, to planning out the best routes for the packages you have, as well as collecting and signing signatures. There’s a lot of paperwork to keep track of, so you need to be organised!

The skills you need to have

The skills you need to be a courier might seem just as self-explanatory as the average day, but once again there are probably skills you hadn’t even thought of. Of course, there’s the aforementioned organisational skills, but you’ll also need good geography and navigation skills. Using your initiative when you’re travelling for long periods alone will help you stick to strict time scales, and excellent interpersonal skills will make conversing with clients that little bit easier too! It’ll also help to put across the right image for your brand! You need to be reliable and trustworthy, able to co-operate and have a good work ethic too. After all, you’ll be alone for a lot of the day, and if you can’t self-motivate yourself with a good work ethic, you’ll start to struggle.


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