Reasons to Hire an Immigration Consultant

Applying for a visa to live and work in another country is a daunting, often long-winded process. Many people find themselves bursting with over-confidence and feel that a simple Google search will help them fill out extremely complex or lengthy application forms.

For simple visitor visas, this may not be an issue – but for those who wish to stay in another country on a permanent or long-term basis, hiring an immigration expert to help oversee the process is highly recommended.

Read more to understand the key benefits of hiring a consultant to help handle your visa application.

Attention to detail

Just one small error on your application form can result in visa rejection, which, in turn, leads to delays and in many cases, a loss of total payment. With the costs of visas steadily increasing, it is simply not something you can afford to take risks with.

As such, hiring an expert in immigration is beneficial, since they can guide you through the application process, ensuring you fill out all aspects of the forms correctly.

Cost and time savings

Of course, hiring a consultant to help you out will incur a fee, but overall, the amount you pay could be far greater in the long run, if you were to make mistakes. Simply making a small error, like applying for the wrong type of visa or in the wrong category can delay your application for several months. Moreover, government agencies may charge you for making these minor mistakes, or can force you to repeat the entire process.

Hiring an immigration consultant who has been through the process thousands of times and has a wealth of experience will save you copious amounts of time and make the situation as hassle-free as it can be.

They can support you

If English is not your first language or you are somewhat overwhelmed by the prospect of speaking to a government official, your immigration consultant can support you and help stand up for your rights in the face of any problems.

Additionally, if your personal circumstances or the visa requirements were to change, it is your consultant’s job to keep you up-to-date and guide you through the changes necessary for a successful application.

They uphold your personal privacy

Plenty of online resources, like official governmental websites and immigration forums, are available to offer application advice and to gain insights from real people in similar situations. However, there are occasions where you might not feel comfortable asking personal questions regarding your immigration situation on public forums.

Questions which relate to your family life, employment status, criminal record or medical conditions are highly personal and require privacy. Immigration experts have a duty to keep the information their clients give them confidential.

They can help with an appeal

If you have submitted a visa application which has resulted in an official refusal, your consultant can help you with the appeals process, ensuring your case is properly overseen.

Immigration consultants offer a total peace of mind throughout the often daunting process of applying for visas and moving to another country. Not only do they save applicants time and money, but they are there to support clients from start to finish, all whilst upholding important privacy values.

This article was contributed by First Migration, a UK visa consultant which specialises in immigration to UK for all types of applicants.


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